And to All a Blessed Night

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Photo: Wikipedia
Labeled for non-commercial reuse

And to All a Blessed Night

“You’re not going to sleep in her room, are you?” Already my nieces had questioned my plan to spend the night alone in Mom’s house, just hours after her death. “Of course; why not?”

Night three, around four AM, a bright light awakens me from a sound sleep. I drag myself out of bed and creep to the doorway, peer to the right and left. The only lights were those I’d left on to give the impression that caregivers were still here, as they had been for several years.

I shrug, return to bed. An emergency radio/flashlight, previously unnoticed on the armoir, greets me with its intense rays, emanating a sense of peaceful energy and perhaps a bit of Mom’s most predictable sense of humor.

winter stars winking
illumine the new moon sky
most loving presence

Today at dVerse, Toni invites us to share a non-fiction account, in Haibun form, of a remembered good night, keeping in mind that phrase from Moore’s fun Christmas poem–and to all, a good night! True story, this.



18 thoughts on “And to All a Blessed Night

  1. Mish says:

    I think love is so powerful that it does not end when we leave this earth. If we are open, we will feel it and see it. I’m so glad you had this moment, Victoria.


  2. susanmehr says:

    This is beautiful. It touches the heart.


  3. ladynyo says:

    Heartbreaking and lovely, Victoria. With sense and sensibility, too. Lovely, Victoria.


  4. Sue says:

    A lovely, touching write, Victoria


  5. emangarduque says:

    i believe your mom is reminding you that she is still there for you. lovely write.


  6. That is so beautiful and perhaps why we should stay near where our loved ones lived and I feel the peace and humour of your mothers presence. I sat in my mother ‘s chair some days after she had died in hospital and that was a very peaceful presence.


  7. Glenn Buttkus says:

    A lovely memory, & yes, I do believe in being contacted by the departed. dearly or otherwise. As I’ve related in poems, my house is “haunted”. We see folks passing through regularly.


  8. Michael says:

    Funny how many people have experiences like that Victoria. It does happen and is especially pleasing when you see mum’s sense of humour in it….well done..


  9. A truly loving presence. Thank you for sharing this.


  10. frankhubeny says:

    That was definitely a blessed night. Thanks for sharing the story.


  11. kim881 says:

    I’m with Toni – why should you be afraid to sleep in her room? That most loving presence is what was needed and you knew where to find it. Such a touching story and haiku, Victoria.


  12. Bodhirose says:

    It’s so interesting how our departed loved ones find ways to get our attention. I love your story, Victoria.


  13. Grace says:

    Very moving share Victoria ~ I want to believe she is always there with you and your family ~


  14. Beautiful and poignant Haibun.The humour is palpable.


  15. I just came back from a visit to my mother… and it’s so sad when she simply cannot express anything really any longer, yet I would not hesitate to sleep in her bed… but I think we soon need to sell the house and dismantle our past.


  16. lillian says:

    …most loving presence indeed – a mother’s love, a daughter’s love as she helps her mother into the next world. Beautifully written. Thank you for sharing.


  17. kanzensakura says:

    Most loving presence…oh Victoria. This hits home so close right now. And of course you slept in her room. Why would you be afraid? Such a moving haibun and haiku and yet. so reassuring to me at this time.


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