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Artist: Basquiat Non-commercial Reuse

Artist: Basquiat
Non-commercial Reuse


Agon (Classical Greek ἀγών) is an ancient Greek term for a struggle or contest.

Am I alone, here
on the edge of a great

Those along the San Andreas Fault
await the “big one”
said likely to propel California
into the Pacific.
This avowed by
I can see the faultline
from my home
in the desert.

If I stand
for my beliefs
(here on the yawning maw
of tomorrow)
will I be hurled into the
yesterday of the future?

A lone sparrow
at our suet feeder,
left behind by the others
consumes uncertainty.
Hawk watches

The arts,
a vehicle of conflictual
tell our stories—
present and past.
Authentic or chaotic,
they are our stories.

a spokesman of our times
spills anarchy onto
the pages of his work
in broad lines and
dark spaces.
My gut clenches
at the underlying angst
and I long for resolve
(or indifference.)

I struggle to find beauty
in the cawing of that
crow outside my window,
in the jeering of the blue
jay, scolding the wren,

all I hold precious.
Ibsen scandalized
his era with an overdose
of unspoken reality.

I long for the illusion
of simpler times.

And now I’ll feed
the dogs, just as I do
every day at this hour.

Linked to dVerse Open Link Night where we are invited to share a poem on any theme using any form.

18 thoughts on “Agon–dVerse Open Link Night

  1. Sean Michael says:

    “spills anarchy onto the pages of his work” Very nice.


  2. I feel safer to know that CA did not vote for Trump and I;d considering moving there if not for the earthquakes. I really feel the animated warmth of that lone sparrow.


  3. Bodhirose says:

    I strongly feel the uneasiness in this. It’s almost as if you’re waiting for the world to implode on itself as an illusory “peace” threads itself throughout.


  4. Mish says:

    There is an edginess to this, Victoria. I like the voice. I wish simpler times were not an illusion. I’m ready for them.


  5. So many great image (the faultline and Basquait… ) the future and past. And in the the midst a calamity of calm… this is such an excellent and totally coherent poem.


  6. Love what the fifth stanza says about art. I believe it is true–the art we birth is product of all our living, of how we live, and how we make sense of the wonders and struggles we find along the way.


  7. MarinaSofia says:

    This feels like a series of vignettes all gathered together in a bouquet of anxiety – and then those final lines, the coming back to the earth and the everyday and life just going on… in the meantime.


  8. lillian says:

    So much to think about from your words here. I think in many ways we are all living on a fault line — dancing lightly, skipping, wondering. Trying to focus to avoid the cracks — or they’ll “break your mother’s back” so to speak. Sometimes it’s nice to simply repeat the normal – that which we know happens and is calm and sure — feeding the dog. Would that we each have someone’s hand to hold to maneuver through and over this fault line.


  9. Bryan Ens says:

    Love the “yesterday of the future”. Love the sense of contemplation/worry…but how it ends with a typical daily task. Life goes on no matter our struggles


  10. Sanaa Rizvi says:

    Oh Victoria, this is such a heart-stirring poem, so much to love and relate to here especially “I long for the illusion of simpler times.” ❤️ Beautifully expressed.


  11. Ayala says:

    There is an uncertainty these days, great capture of the struggle and the acceptance.


  12. thotpurge says:

    Loved this one Victoria.. the faultline, the angst, and especially..I struggle to find beauty
    in the cawing of that
    crow outside my window…resonates deeply.


  13. ZQ says:

    Ending this piece with Ibsen clinched it for me. Outstanding!


  14. Grace says:

    I admire your honesty and reflections of your deepest passion and art ~ I agree that the arts tell our stories ~ Its a struggle that I identify with ~


  15. scotthastiepoet says:

    Victoria, your very best, I think… So much here with Basquiat & Ibsen thrown into the mix too… Such lines too: “I long for the illusion
    of simpler times.” the honesty of reaction to the birds and a finish with feeding the dogs! Such depth here too, amidst the ironic playfulness – a virtuoso piece. Best read of the night so far for me…


  16. ghostmmnc says:

    This poem speaks to all of us, standing on the edge of our tomorrows with uncertainty. Very though provoking. 🙂


  17. Georgina says:

    I’m knocked out by your poem. The faultlines, the crows and the wren and the fear of an uncontrollable future. It certainly speaks of our times. We were on the edge of volcanic activity on the Azores and met an Azorean American who went to the states in 1958 aged 2. The lava had covered all the villages. It really is hot in the middle of the earth. Take care and publish the poem.


  18. Ahhh, Victoria, I loved this, all the angst and beauty and ordinary rolled together, as they are.


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