Bless You, Little Things


Photo: Victoria Slotto

Bless You, Little Things

I bless you, all you little things—
you gifts, ignored by humankind.

You, honey bees and tiny blooms,
Eight-legged spider in my room,

your lacy web and stealthy style,
you may stay here just a while.

I bless you, bird’s nest in our tree,
just cached beneath a bunch of leaves,

and wee blue eggs that nestle there,
concealed from Jays, yes, take care.

I bless the sun’s first ray of light
and slivered silver moon at night.

You, chipmunk, scurry ‘cross the grass
and disappear. You are so fast.

And bless the seed beneath the soil,
nature’s largesse to bring us joy.

I praise the Maker of all things.
May we find you in all life brings.

(Even earwhigs?)

Today’s prompt at dVerse Poetics, offered by Paul Scribbles, is to write a blessing, something our poor world needs now and always. Please consider writing one and linking it to our poetry community. A little something positive goes a long way.


16 thoughts on “Bless You, Little Things

  1. I like that you bless the spiders. Most people really dislike them, but I kind of like them, and they are important for the environment.

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  2. Colin Lee says:

    Big blessings in little things. How delightful.

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  3. Singledust says:

    oh I did love all the little things you mentioned, many of which I rarely get to see on the equator but they are all part of such a beautiful universe and yes I love your blessing on them, they are remembered even though tiny and insignificant.

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  4. Bodhirose says:

    I often focus on these tiny gems of beauty that are often overlooked. Such a sweet poem, Victoria, honoring all those tiny things.

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  5. It’s all about the little things!

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  6. kanzensakura says:

    oh the little things…the as the Japanese say, sumire – small gems or jewels. I love this precious and truly from the heart blessing. I’ve read a couple on the trail today that were down right mean.

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  7. Love the focus on those little things… even the earwigs … (but there are days I would exclude mosquitos… love the form and rhymes

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  8. jillys2016 says:

    Wonderful focus on the little things! (I draw the line at earwhigs, though!)
    This blessing poem is quite charming.

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  9. frankhubeny says:

    After blessing all the little things, I liked the final blessing “May we find you in all life brings”.

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  10. A celebration of small things, and a final stanza that says it all. Superb!

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  11. Thank You Victoria for the micro that underpins the macro. A wonderful blessing.

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  12. Grace says:

    A beautiful blessings Victoria ~ The ending lines are so uplifting ~

    And bless the seed beneath the soil,
    nature’s largesse to bring us joy.

    I praise the Maker of all things.
    May we find you in all life brings.

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  13. A beautiful blessing Victoria, ‘may we find you in all life brings’ is a lovely mantra to live by 💜 xxx

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  14. This is so lovely and joyful, Victoria.

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