a spill of diamonds–dVerse Open Link Night

Photo: april-mo
labeled for non-commercial reuse

a spill of diamonds

in early morn before the world awakes
upon each blade of grass a treasure rests
for those who choose to see

such grace descends upon the earth
so catch the play of color and of light
the burst of life within each drop

a sparkle-dance that waits beneath
a fallen leaf or hid behind a rock
just begs for us to see it shine

What a special treat Bjorn offered us today for dVerse OLN. If you haven’t visited his very thought-provoking podcast on the site, don’t miss it. I especially loved his poem and his thoughts about space–space between words and inner space–thoughts that complement the beginning of dVerse’s Summer Break! Please stop by, post and read. And comment!

So sorry I didn’t make it by earlier. It’s been hectic this summer.

20 thoughts on “a spill of diamonds–dVerse Open Link Night

  1. Madaket Muse says:

    Beautiful! I especially like the title image.


  2. a beautiful image…nature is so precious with t’s beauty….loved this!


  3. This is so lovely, Victoria, and the picture fits it perfectly.


  4. What a great title and a creative poem!


  5. Colin Lee says:

    And some say … diamonds are forever. Well, at least, in such stunning poetry, these speckles of crystals will be immortalised for sure. 😉


  6. Grace says:

    My favorite time of the day ~ I hope to see that treasured gem, shining with life ~


  7. Mawuli says:

    Beautiful early morning poem! Long over “DEW”

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  8. such grace descends upon the earth
    so catch the play of color and of light
    the burst of life within each drop

    One has to seize the opportunity fast and move on!


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  9. There’s almost a Victorian feel to this, Victoria. A lovely homage to early morning.

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  10. colorfulpen says:

    I love the way dew sparkles on blades of grass. You’ve captured its beauty well.

    Liked by 1 person

  11. Charley says:

    Ah! You’ve been seeing things with God-watered eyes! Very nice.

    Liked by 2 people

  12. jillys2016 says:

    As the dew, so we, too!

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  13. frankhubeny says:

    It is a very nice sparkling. I even like the out-of-focus lights.

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  14. I don’t rise so early any more, but I remember mornings when the dew sparkled on the morning glories on my grandmother’s clothesline post (and who has THOSE any more?) and the spider web that clung there looking like spun crystal. Oh, (sigh) to see it one more time….

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  15. This is a wonderful hymn to the early morning… I so wish I could ever see that, since sun rise at 3 AM this is something I remember from my youth (but more from going to bed than raise from sleep)…

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