The Poet Looks Out the Window

The Poet Looks Out the Window
Minute Poetry

Oh, bless this tree outside my room—
a home, a womb
where words are born,
a page adorned—
poet’s enclave,
creative cave.

These branches beckon many birds
with songs sans words.
They bring us joy,
distress destroy,
plaintive cries, too,
to mourn with you.

And there above, I spy a nest.
Robin Redbreast?
Perhaps a Jay?
Oh look! Today,
sweet finch I see.
Inspire me!

Photo: Victoria Slotto
View from My Office “Treehouse”

Today at dVerse MTB Frank Hubeny invites us to try Minute Poetry. Don’t be afraid of this very fun form. It seemed daunting to me at first, but when I diagrammed it, I found it to be easy enough with the help of My ornamental pear tree looks a bit shabby right now because the harsh winter and severe winds was causing it to damage our house and we had to have it pruned. But when it’s at it best, in autumn, it is truly a delight and the migrating birds love the tiny pears that are just for them, not humans.

Please join us–give it a whirl. BTW, this poem is also inspired by Lillian’s window prompt from Tuesday Poetics.


20 thoughts on “The Poet Looks Out the Window

  1. Robin Redbreast? Perhaps a Jay?
    Oh look! Today, sweet finch I see

    Little birds can be quite an inspiration to have around. They sing are mobile and full of myriads of colors!



  2. Candy says:

    You are truly a free spirit 😉 This was lovely and deserved to be more than a ‘minute’


  3. I love it from beginning to end.


  4. Imelda says:

    Lovely ode to your tree.
    On a different note, Rhymezone is my friend, too. 🙂


  5. Glenn Buttkus says:

    I really enjoy this–even if it is perhaps a 1.4 minute poem ! We were invited to relax the parameters & be creative; so you get the prize for that. Bird feeders can be so endearing to watch; you put us right in the window with you !


  6. colorfulpen says:

    Beautiful inspiration outside your window. Love your minute poem.


  7. kim881 says:

    I love the way you’ve made the minute poem your own, Victoria, incorporating the window prompt and birds! I love the lines:
    ‘a home, a womb
    where words are born,
    a page adorned’.


  8. The bird feeders outside my window are a source of endless entertainment. You brought your view alive!


  9. I liked this very much. Birds are a great distraction, inspiration, delight…the form needs a new name, though…a moment poem?


  10. Smitha V says:

    Lovely. Want to try it too.


  11. Your poem fits both prompts so well, and is truly beautiful. I really like the first stanza and the bird lines. Birds are my inspiration more often than I realize. 🙂


  12. I am in love with that first stanza, what beautiful metaphor!


  13. Waltermarks says:

    You got a two for one, you lucky fincher. The stanzas are as melodic as the birds


  14. Frank Hubeny says:

    I like the expansion. Each stanza of the original minute form seems a little short to me based on what one would see in common meter. This could be a variation on the minute form. Nice modified minute poem looking out the window.


  15. Grace says:

    I love your opening stanza and its a joy to see those birds from your windows ~ (I believe its only 4 lines stanza, smiles)~


  16. Kathy Reed says:

    For the love of birds! Very nice, Victoria.


  17. I love this! Nature, trees, and birds can be great inspiration, and this is well written. Nice.


  18. So much for diagramming. In my dyslexia, I expanded it a bit. So don’t follow mine!

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