The Sounds of Summer–dVerse Haibun

The Sounds of Summer
a Haibun

Last night, for the first time this year, we heard crickets’ song. Not that it hasn’t been hot. We are in the midst of record-breaking heat—37 days’ worth of temperatures in the upper 90’s or 100’s. My guess, though, is that smoke from the many wild fires in our area was subduing them. Or, more likely, until now, we couldn’t hear them because we couldn’t open our windows.

This morning I was greeted by the raucous sound of blue jays, asserting their command over the suet feeder in the pear tree. Robins sang counterpoint, defying stridency and filling the air with melody. The forlorn call of a dove echoed in the background. With thunderstorms predicted this afternoon, I pray there will be no lightning-induced wildfires. Open windows bring joy.

crickets sing freely
summer’s joy resounds above
deer flee raging flames

So happy to welcome Toni back to the pub with her wide-open haibun prompt. I chose to go with a situation that we are currently facing here in Northern Nevada. You have all week to join in!

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18 thoughts on “The Sounds of Summer–dVerse Haibun

  1. The heat of summer not just naturally imposed but added on by fires and other conflagrations!



  2. Lovely haibun. I hope there are no more wildfires where you are. It’s been hot here so the cicadas have been making their noise, but it’s the birdsong I relish.


  3. The description of the birds, especially their singing in counterpoint, was great! I enjoyed reading this.


  4. I hope the fires quieten. Climate change remains.


  5. Sumana Roy says:

    Nature’s fury and blessings captivated wonderfully. “Open windows bring joy.” Love this.


  6. Waltermarks says:

    I’m glad the crickets were still around, (and yourselves as well). Those wildfires are really scary. Your haiku echos the verse nicely as well


  7. Love the contrast in the haiku of life (crickets) humming along as it should with the terrible destruction that is changing threatening lives so nearby.


  8. jillys2016 says:

    Nice counterpoint between the birds and the rain, the crickets and the deer. Sending rain – watch your mailbox. (We spent April & May in the deepest drought in Florida’s recorded history, and then the rain came, and kept coming.) Nice writing, Victoria!


  9. Gosh I hope you are okay, I miss the heat and cicadas but not the fear and reality of fire. Much love. XXXX


  10. Those forest fires are so terrifying. I hope you stay safe. You showed me a summer I’ve never experienced myself – love all those sounds.


  11. kim881 says:

    Crickets – I wish they would come into our garden and make their music. Whenever I watch a film set in summer in the USA, there they are, making that wonderfully atmospheric summery sound.And then you throw blue jays into the mix! Robins we have! Amazing sounds and images, Victoria! I hope there are no more fires.


  12. The deer fleeing was a wonderful juxtaposition.


  13. hayesspencer says:

    I too pray for no fires and open windows. And let there be rain, but not enough to start floods or mudslides. Your haiku is wonderful – so much in it.


  14. Frank Hubeny says:

    The fires of summer make freezing winter feel like a blessing.


  15. The idea that the fires and the smoke are stifling the crickets is somehow terrifying. I hope you’re at the end of the heat wave.


  16. lillian says:

    Prayers for calming raging fires. May the crickets sing and the air be clear.


  17. Charley says:

    I almost hated to click “like” because it hardly seems appropriate to the subject at hand. The haiku is great. Rain; let there be rain, with ‘nary a bolt!


  18. Sue says:

    Great Haibun, but sounds like challenging conditions where you are, Victoria


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