The Curl II–dVerse OLN

Photo: V. Slotto

Last week, Amaya, in her first prompt as a member of the dVerse team, challenged us to write a response poem. I have chosen Toni’s (Kanzen Sakura) poem, The Curl, which she wrote during the difficult time of her mother’s illness. Since then, her mother has passed. During the same time, I went through the same thing with my sweet mother. So this response is for both of us. 


The Curl
Toni Spencer

the days have knit themselves
into a pattern of sameness—
an afghan in shades of grey.
like the winter sky and trees.
the elderly woman settles down to sleep.
the younger woman brushes the curls off
her forehead and whispers,
Sleep mama, sleep.

Used with permission of the author
Previously published in Chiaroscuro, a dVerse Anthology

The Curl, II
Response Poem, Victoria Slotto

slowly, it seems, those days unravel
from gray to gold to azure blue—
a curl of color, dazzling.
days of life, of spring and hope.
wrapped now in joy we cannot know
her daughter fashions words of love
into a quilt of memories.
Dance, mama, dance.

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27 thoughts on “The Curl II–dVerse OLN

  1. Perfect response, my favorite of the bunch I think!

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  2. What a beautiful tribute from both of you. Tears here!


  3. lynn__ says:

    Gorgeous poetry of heart-breakingly long goodbyes…


  4. I like this, and it’s cool that you responded to a poem by somebody from DVerse!

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  5. Sue Anderson says:

    So lovely, poignant, yet hopeful. My poem today is also about my mother, and she has been a wonderful one.


  6. rothpoetry says:

    This is so touchingly beautiful. A wonderful tribute to your mother. I love both poems, They are deeply heartfelt and will touch all who read!


  7. Grace says:

    So beautifully written Victoria, I had goose bumps reading it ~ Both poems offer a different perspective of” leaving” !

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  8. Vivian Zems says:

    Ah, Victoria- these words are beautiful. Toni’s says goodbye, yours says hello…on the grief spectrum. I love it!


  9. Both poems brought a different feel and meaning to each voice.
    Brilliant well interpretation. 🙂

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  10. Oh these were both so beauiful. How much we miss our mothers. I love the way you have fashioned the response, I love the last lines of both. XXXXXXX

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  11. A beautiful response to Toni’s poem Victoria. I love how the days unravel ‘in a curl of colour’ and how ‘her daughter fashions words of love
    into a quilt of memories.
    Dance, mama, dance’

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  12. Candy says:

    Such a beautiful response. I feel hope and joy in your poem.

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  13. ladynyo says:

    This has me crying for a number of reasons. Both your poems are heartbreaking but with hope in the last lines. My mother is 97 but I have never known for 50 years the love of my mother. She is deep in a particular madness. But! I take great joy in reading that other daughters have been loved and have had their lives shaped in such good ways by a mother who can love. Both of these poems have moved me deeply.

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    • That breaks my heart to think that you were deprived of a warm mother’s love and yet, you have cared well for yourself, Jane, as it seems to me through the warmth of your own character and loving personality…that shines through in your poetry.

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      • ladynyo says:

        I think we have two ways to go, Victoria, faced with such things in life. Either we can close down or we can expand. I know what the one route leads to, and it is death. The other? Life as well as we can nurture it. I did have aunts, though and one early neighbor who stepped in to mother me. Especially my dear Aunt Jean, Hungarian born, who died in 2014 at 102. She was my guiding influence as she wanted to become one (or two) of two things in life: One, a Radio City Rockett or a journalist/writer. LOL! She was tall and thin but she ended up married to my father’s brother. She was deeply in love with my father her entire life: a pure and unrequited love but a love that startled me by it’s consistency. She encouraged me to write and every book I have published has a dedication to this marvelous woman who argued with Zza Zza Gabor over boyfriends while growing up. LOL! Aunt Jean deserves a book of her own. Thank you, Victoria for your understanding. Poetry is healing stuff.

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  14. Both are stunning and brought tears to my eyes. No one can replace our mama.


  15. belle says:

    My mother can’t walk, or even move her feet, so that last line has me crying.

    This one as well: “wrapped now in joy we cannot know”

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    • It is so hard to watch parents decline like that…especially when it is slow. I was a hospice nurse and that is how most of us, it seems, face the loss of our mothers and/or fathers. I’m sorry you are going through that with your mother.


  16. This is so strong… feeling that I have lost my mother too… she lives but still not. Dance mother dance

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  17. Sanaa Rizvi says:

    This is so beautifully evocative, Victoria! I like ” fashions words of love into a quilt of memories.” ❤

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  18. kim881 says:

    What a beautiful response, Victoria, which is special to me too – all three of us lost our mothers last year. I especially love the lines:
    ‘slowly, it seems, those days unravel
    from gray to gold to azure blue—
    a curl of color, dazzling’.
    It takes time but we do start to see the brighter colours again.


  19. Love these words – I also have lost a Mother

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  20. Frank Hubeny says:

    I liked the quilt of memories.


  21. Both Toni’s words and your own complement each other completely. Hers is like a curling into death, but only for a moment — a lotus closing at night — and yours like an uncurling, a bloom, into eternal life. Marvelous, and what a way to honor a fellow poet here, as well as your dearly beloved mothers.

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  22. kanzensakura says:

    Oh Victoria. This is wonderful. Thank you for doing this. I am convinced our mothers are free from their earthly pains and sorrows and indeed are dancing. I must cry about this for a bit but will come back and read again and this time, I will smile. Hugs to you.

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