Adagio–dVerse Haibun Monday

Photo: David Slotto, Cedar Wax Wing in Our Ornamental Pear Tree

No Ko Me—Tree Buds
A Haibun

Outside my office window, on the second floor of our home, an ornamental pear tree shares the seasons with me. In summer, her leaves are full and green, offering their shade in the southwest, yet still allowing a view of the setting sun as he hops over the Sierra Nevada. A robin perches in her fluffy nest.

Autumn paints my landscape in glorious tones of gold and orange and crimson…a final shout-out before the now-brown leaves let go, returning to nourish the earth, revealing the tiny, inedible fruit that appears to be a berry. An influx of migrating cedar wax wings stop by to eat of her offerings, along with an occasional chickadee.

But it is in spring that promises pop out on all the gnarly little branches and as I wait for them to open, the return of wrens and finches fill the room with poetic song. This is the first movement of another year’s symphonic beauty.

brace themselves, appear anew
soon, a crescendo

Today, I’m hosting the Monday Haibun at dVerse. The prompt Kigo is No Ko Me–Tree Buds. To learn more and to join in HERE is the link.

20 thoughts on “Adagio–dVerse Haibun Monday

  1. Misky says:

    Gosh, I love “gnarly little branches” – a splendid poem from start to finish.


  2. In Spring, promises pop out…oh, what wonderful hope! I have seen, very sparingly, Cedar Waxwings here in the Northeast. A beautiful bird! How nice you can enjoy them!


  3. Singledust says:

    oh you have such a wonderful play unfolding every day right outside your window. the seasons like scenes so well rehearsed and on cue.


  4. merrildsmith says:

    I love the idea of your companion tree that (who) shares the seasons with you. Yes, does seem adagio–the appearance of the buds–but it is a crescendo when they bloom.


  5. Janice says:

    The cedar waxwing and pear tree are lovely (in words and photo) I especially like the music words in the haiku.


  6. rothpoetry says:

    Very nice piece. Our pear trees are all white in bloom in NC. So beautiful. I loved the sequence of your pear tree blooming, leaves, branches for birds. Birds are so fun to watch. Crescendo!


  7. I adore Waxwings! So stately. I am SO ready for the crescendo of spring! Beautiful image and words – as always.


  8. A fitting tribute to the emergence of Spring, Victoria! Thank you! 🙂


  9. Lovely poem and post!


  10. lynn__ says:

    A gorgeous haibun, Victoria! I enjoyed bird-watching with you!


  11. ladynyo says:

    Your haibun moved my heart strongly. Spring should be like that. And it is. We have a pear tree that we planted about 5 years ago. ONE pear last year we watched like hawks. An opossum got it, but that’s ok. Perhaps this year their will be more for him.


  12. kanzensakura says:

    Gorgeous! I too love the crescendo of the music of blooming. The photo is lovely. We have so many ornamental pests in this area but the most spectacular are the wild pears blooming everywhere like clouds earyhbound. Thank you for this lovely prompt.


  13. Beautiful imagery of spring, makes me long for the ice to melt and for spring to hit in full force.


  14. I love the musical references. Springtime is like the start of a great orchestral piece of music, you capture it so well.


  15. Frank Hubeny says:

    Once spring really starts it is like a crescendo.


  16. There is a sense of crescendo at this time of year. We’ve no sooner noticed the buds than they’re opening.

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  17. I love the symphony theme, as you are right. Spring and the changing seasons in general have just as much to do with what we hear as what we see. Thanks for the prompt, Victoria!

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  18. This is exactly the anticipation I love with spring, and there are so much hope (and also disappointment with a late frost on bloom)..

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  19. Thank you. My undergrad degree is in science and I love to blend science and art in poetry. Thanks for stopping by.


  20. theanatomyofhappiness101 says:

    Nice work! I run a more scientific type of blog but you may still want to check it out for some inspiration 🙂

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