Koorogi Calls–dVerse Haibun Monday

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Koorogi Calls—dVerse Haibun Monday

Last night I sat out on the deck in utter darkness—alone except for the dogs. Our yard, and those surrounding me, resounded with the sounds of crickets. They came late this year, as did the tomatoes that are only beginning to ripen. David is away, up in the mountains for a few days. Picking up his chores, especially caring for his garden, has been a bit overwhelming. When he is gone, I become so aware of how easy it is to take him for granted. How very much he does for us.

I’m at an age now when one starts to think of, to live the late autumn of life. There is an urgency in it, assessing what is really important about this game we play, getting rid of what we no longer need, saying what needs to be said, savoring each moment—and so much more. Oh, I’m not circling the drain, not yet. At the same time, one reflects when cricket sings his urgent song.

the days are shorter
late summer, fading to fall
hurry now, cricket

I’m happy to be guest-hosting for dVerse Haibun Monday where the Kigo is Koorogi–Cricket. Come on by the pub!

27 thoughts on “Koorogi Calls–dVerse Haibun Monday

  1. merrildsmith says:

    I like the thoughtful sweetness of this, Victoria–the way you reflect upon all that David does while time is passing. I’m in the autumn of my life now, too, so I understand what you mean–however, my mom turned 96 today, so she’s had a long autumn or a long winter. 🙂

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  2. Janice says:

    I like how you have used the cricket calls as a reminder of the passage of our finite time on earth.

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  3. The Guern says:

    Guest-hosting for d’Verse? Well done! I would consider that an accomplishment in itself. How did it come about?

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  4. ‘not circling the drain’ love that expression!

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  5. Lona Gynt says:

    Hurry now cricket…
    We are circling everyone from our start, if we have one, only the circles get tighter.

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  6. maria says:

    This piece speaks of urgency but also brings a languid feeling to me. ☺️ Love that kigo, too.

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  7. […] response to dVerse’s Haibun Monday: The Sounds of Koorogi hosted by Victoria C. Slotto. This piece might be a bit digressing from the topic but I hope it […]

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  8. lynn__ says:

    I appreciate your thoughtful reflections on aging inspired by the crickets’ song, Victoria. Our time here is limited.

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  9. I guess it is an urgent call, the cricket song, for they die shortly after mating season. At least we get a longer stint. Lovely haibun

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  10. kanzensakura says:

    I totally relate to your line about circling the drain. this year I lost a beloved friend to suicide and a cousin to cancer. It is hard getting older, mos def not for wimps! I love how you love David and all he does. a sweet aibun and haiku.

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  11. V.J. Knutson says:

    Love the urgency in this…and it does feel like you’re circling despite your protest.

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  12. rothpoetry says:

    You are right! As we age there comes with it an urgency in sharing our inspirations. You Haibun says it all.

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  13. Candy says:

    What is it about the sound of crickets? This is beautiful.

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  14. I, too, always feel a sense of urgency in this late summer-turning-to-autumn. A new school year awaits me yet again, and the preparations begin. Prioritizing the time left adds to the urgency. Beautiful done, Victoria!

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  15. Beverly Crawford says:

    I smiled at your comment about circling the drain. This year my dentist retired, my accountant retired, my tax preparer retired, and two very dear friends passed into what comes after. I wondered if there were a message there somewhere! I enjoyed your writing!

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  16. Grace says:

    I can relate to the season’s urgency – getting rid of stuff and saying meaninful words – specially reflecting on the presence of our loved ones. How we can take them for granted. The seasons are passing now, love the imagery of the cricket singing his urgent song.

    Thanks for hosting Victoria!

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  17. Glenn Buttkus says:

    Loved the entire haibun; seemed topical and conversational. Your sweet awareness of how much David contributes, only presenting itself in his absence–and your introspection regarding /the autumn of our life/ was bang on for me. Perhaps even when we /circle the drain/, we’ll still dispatch some poetry.

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  18. Jo says:

    This is a lovely reflection on life and how short it actually is, no matter how long we live.

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  19. kim881 says:

    That’s the sad thing about crickets, that they lay their eggs and die in winter, and then a whole new generation arrives in spring. They have such a short life span compared to us. But then, they know no different. We can learn so much from nature.

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