Poetry Lives

Photo: David Slotto

Poetry Lives

She sips poetry,
gulps color, texture,
darkness, light.

She covers cold-
ness, emanates warmth
strokes coarse, jagged bark.

She shields innocence,
shelters the poor,
embraces the wonton.

She revels in birdsong,
delights in tender moments,
blesses beauty’s gifts.

She sips life.
She sips death.

Written for dVerse Quadrille, including the wonderful word “Sip.” This is the first poem I’ve written this year. It’s good to be here with you after a long drought.

10 thoughts on “Poetry Lives

  1. The wonderful image filled with light and lightness caught me right away, Victoria — and your words carried me beyond that, from the start! —

    She sips poetry,
    gulps color

    Adan 😊


  2. littleaprilshower says:

    This is so sweet 😀


  3. robtkistner says:

    I enjoyed this Victoria. Drink deeply life, lightly sip death… 🙂

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  4. i like the metaphores

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  5. A beautiful write Victoria, so lovely to see you sipping poetry again 🙂💖 xxx


  6. Grace says:

    Life and death, a beautiful cycle. I love that sip of your poetry.


  7. This is just lovely ,.. so happy to see you with your sweet words… the sense of sipping words like this works so well on poetry.


  8. Mish says:

    Absolutely stunning. I’ve missed your work. I am so grateful that you joined in. Perhaps we all need a little drought sometimes to appreciate our thirst to write.


  9. A beautiful piece full of vivid imagery; I especially love the last 2 lines that bring it together.


  10. Sue says:

    Oh, Victoria, how lovely to see you! I love the slow sense of cold-ness in this, brrr…..
    My muse is still in hibernation, but I get the sense she is slumbering more lightly, perhaps I might write something this year (for the first time in 5)!


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