Enduring Love–a Sestina

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Enduring Love
a Sestina

You sit beside the hearth and dream
of years long past, of youth,
those days so filled with dance, with life
that you do not forget.
You walked in worlds of swirling greens,
gave birth beneath the sky.

You revel ‘neath cerulean skies
and catch a glimpse of dreams.
And thus the burgeoning of green
as you reclaim your youth.
Those signs of spring you won’t forget,
for you still pulse with life.

In aging, still you sing of life,
your eyes reflect the sky.
You smile at love you can’t forget—
those memories of dreams
fulfilled when you were full of youth,
midst flowers, in fields green.

You stood by him in days of green.
He held you throughout life.
You gave each other joys of youth,
‘neath bound’ry of the sky.
He was the answer to your dreams;
you never will forget.

A love that’s easy to forget
basks in flowers, and green
of grass and sun, the blissful dream.
Will these endure through life,
when clouds obscure the blue, blue sky
and aging foils youth?

How easy to enjoy one’s youth
and facile to forget
the promise made ‘neath azure skies,
delight-filled days of green.
Yet to endure the stuff of life,
we need more than to dream.

Beyond your youth, those days of green,
(lest you forget) the greatest life
soars to the skies, surpasses dreams.

Another Sestina submitted today to dVerse OLN.

9 thoughts on “Enduring Love–a Sestina

  1. This is beautiful too Victoria, you certainly capture the emotions in this form. I am looking for your one on Transience too, that really moved me. Servers seem to be playing up!


  2. Gabby says:

    The images in this poem are so rich and lovely; my favorite lines are “You walked in worlds of swirling greens / gave birth beneath the sky.” I personally write in organic form or free verse usually, but I want to try writing a sestina now.


  3. Rob Kistner says:

    Another sestina Vitoria, and quite well sritten — I salute your skill and perseverance!


  4. I really love this Victoria… I think we need to remember the youth, but also enjoy the world in aging. Not quite there yet, but it’s coming quickly.


  5. calmkate says:

    this is truly lovely of aging and relationship, nicely composed


  6. memadtwo says:

    The riches in a long-standing relationship are formed by both the ups and the downs. I like your use of nature imagery to reflect emotion. (K)


  7. Grace says:

    What a good thing when loves endures, passing youth and into the aging years. I hope to stilll sing of life many years from now.

    This is a lovely sestina Victoria.


  8. Sue says:

    Ooh, some lovely lines in this heartfelt poem…”Yet to endure the stuff of life,
we need more than to dream”..


  9. Frank Hubeny says:

    I like the thought of not forgetting the answer to one’s dreams.


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