lust–dVerse Quadrille


my thoughts stream in
and out like water—
free, cascading,
life-sustaining. I dance in droplets
(a creative thrust) such
love-making in a pool
of misty water-want

thirst for more and more
until, satiated, I paint
in words or water-color
swirling about to mix beauty.

It has been so long since I’ve posted or even written a poem. Though I’m still in a caregiver mode, I caught Dee’s Quadrille post and felt compelled to write to it. WordPress has me confused. Since it’s been such a long time, they are treating me as a new user and I couldn’t find my post to edit. It’s good to be here, to hang around with old friends and meet some new ones.

34 thoughts on “lust–dVerse Quadrille

  1. Anonymous says:

    Hey buddy, Please chek new Domain Victoria C.


  2. Dora says:

    I deeply enjoyed the movement and color and energy here, thirst slaked through creativity. Wonderfully expressive.

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  3. Ingrid says:

    A lust for creativity is the best kind!


  4. Great to see you here, Victoria. Love your take on the prompt!

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  5. msjadeli says:

    Nice to see you, Victoria, and glad you were able to navigate through WP barriers to get your poem written, saved, and linked. I like the lust- moisture-movement aspects that work very well together in your poem.

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  6. SMiLes Victoria So Nice to See Your Poetry
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    • Thank you, Freddie. I am so grateful just to be here again and rediscover friends like you. I won’t be posting much because I am now a caregiver to my husband who is losing his vision due to an autoimmune disease. You are special in so many ways. I will use this but will try to learn the new format. It’s good for old people like I to keep learning. Smiles.

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      • SMiLes Dear Victoria From my Rise From REAL HeLL ON Earth
        For 66 Months Shut-in With 19 Medical Disorders Including
        the Worst Pain Known to Humankind Wake to Sleep No
        Drug Would Touch, Type Two Trigeminal Neuralgia,

        Yes Literally Assessed

        As Worse than the

        Torture of Crucifixion

        No 3 Hour to 3 Day

        Gilligan’s Island Tour

        of Hell for me Full Bore

        Hell For 66 Months on Earth…

        Escaping that Place Barely Human

        Returning to HumanKind Your Acceptance

        of me As Human Being With A Handful of Others

        Including Brian on ‘dVerse’ Was Instrumental in my

        Full Recovery In Finally Losing The Restraints of

        Culture And Become All of Who i Am my FRiEnD

        Just to Spread The Energy of Who i am At Core

        For What i Believe Are the Human Potentials

        The Colors of Ever Green Christmas

        Trees That May Be

        Created As

        New Colors ACross
        A Lifespan And Never

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        Only One Day of the Year my FRiEnD…
        Your Husband is Very Lucky to Have a
        Caregiver Like You In His Age of Need…

        As i Was Much Younger With A Wife Without
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        The Same

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        My FRiEnD Is Forgiving Christians Yet i Never Give

        Up As Rainbows Do Still Now Coming Out of Hurricane Dark…

        The Center Eye is Heaven Is Balance Belying All the Storm


        Still Coming
        As Equalizer of
        Ocean Heat my FRiEnD

        i Do Believe the Next one

        On the List is Named Fred…

        ‘Elsa The Ice Princess Storm’

        Already had Her turn…

        In Other Words

        Thanks my FRiEnD

        SMiLes God (Love) Blesses You For Real..:)


  7. Victoria- It’s so good to read your words again. This is lovely.

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  8. Helen Dehner says:

    A lovely quadrille … The sensuousness seeps through every line.

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  9. Victoria – this is such a unique take – I’m glad to have had the opportunity to read your work 🙂


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  10. Bill says:

    Well done.

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  11. Misky says:

    What a delight to read your poetry again, Victoria.

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  12. wonderful movement in this poem Victoria – like the swirl of paint in a water jar

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  13. Water is the primal element. You captured its meaning beautifully. I hope you give yourself time to write. It only needs a few minutes of quiet. Takes hours though to wrangle WP sometimes!

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  14. Sue says:

    Your post popped up in my Reader, Victoria, and what a great poem……I haven’t written any poetry for nearly 6 years, I think… day I must try again.

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  15. Marilyn Alford says:

    You are so talented!!! See you Friday?

    On Mon, Jul 26, 2021, 13:38 Victoria C. Slotto, Author wrote:

    > Victoria C. Slotto posted: ” lustmy thoughts stream inand out like > water—free, cascading,life-sustaining. I dance in droplets(a creative > thrust) suchlove-making in a poolof misty water-wantthirst for more and > moreuntil, satiated, I paintin words or water-colorswirling about to mix b” >

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  16. sanaarizvi says:

    This is incredibly EXQUISITE, Victoria 😍 My goodness where do I begin? The poem is so subtly seductive, I especially admire “such love-making in a pool of misty water-want.”

    I have missed you! What a comeback poem!!💝💝

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  17. Welcome back, Victoria, Ma’am. Sure is fun to read your first upon your return, edited or otherwise!


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  18. whimsygizmo says:

    So good to see you, Victoria! The new WordPress nonsense still just about kills me, every post! There is longing here, in these streams. Wonderful.

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  19. Hi, Patricia. It’s been a long, long time since I have posted as I have now become a caregiver to my husband who has had 2 back surgeries this year but, more significantly is losing his vision. I’m not writing at all though feeling the push to returned to a book of Gospel meditations I began a couple of years ago. I must check out your new blog. Tickles my writing lust.

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  20. Glenn A. Buttkus says:

    Victoria, I have missed you, and you have missed many episodes of BLACKTHORNE. Just seeing your name to click on made my heart skip a beat. Brian & Claudia were just here recently. Loved your quadrille. Hope you are finding an iota of joy each day.

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  21. Beverly Crawford says:

    Good to see you again. You haven’t lost your touch! I hope you find your way here more often again.

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  22. wolfsrosebud says:

    Lovely words deep from the heart. I can feel your emotions and struggle. I just looked you up last week, wondering what life has brought your way. I’m glad you’re still writing. I actually just popped in at dverse last week. Poetry is my first love, but now I’m drenched in fiction. Stop in on Wednesday’s for my new Christian Flash Fiction with a prompt from the Bible. I trust God is sustaining.

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