Small Stones and Sounds

A Collection of Small Stones and Sounds

At the Service Station in Bishop, CA

Surrounded by utility trucks
WasteManagement picking up garbage
a gaggle of hunters in camouflage
Drowning in testosterone
Get me out of here.
-January 2

Driving the Great Basin

Bare-branched oaks stretch
on a bright winter’s day.
Ghosts drape from their limbs.
-January 3

Owens Valley

“Little Lake” surprises
in the midst of arid land.
She shed her aqua garment for mossy green.
Ducks bob on her wrinkly surface.
-January 4


This morning,
heaven’s artisan chose a feathered brush.
Paints whispy clouds.
-January 5

Driving the water hazard.
Plop. Splash. Ooops.
Be humble.
-January 7

Photo: D. Slotto

Linking to dVerse Poetics, where Sheila Moore’s article and prompt deals with onomatopoeia.  So, I took the short poems I had jotted down for River of Stones and made a bit of noise!

Crossing the World–AROS #10

Ganges River, Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh, India.

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Submitted to a River of Stones:


Last night I dreamt
I walked across the Ganges. 

A friend had built a path
of stones for me.

Today I traverse
continents and cultures

stepping on
virtual boulders.

How small the world
has become.

AROS #4 and 5–Catching Up

Owens Valley - Feb 23, 2008

Image by niiicedave via Flickr

After a few days of travel and unpacking (still not settled) I’m trying to catch up. The drive between Reno and Palm Desert provided much inspiration: high desert, mountains, Mount Whitney, Owens Valley and the starkness of the Mojave. Here in Coachella Valley all is verdant and serene. The mountains separating us from the ocean are snow-covered, the skies blue, and sunsets are splendid.

Mother Nature dusts
the mountains to the East
with confectioner’s sugar.

Mother Nature shakes out a quilt,
covers Owens Valley in soft white fluff.

This week I will not be able to post a Wordsmith Wednesday column. I will try to make up for it next week. Happy writing. Enjoy the process.

Submitted to a River of Stones: