Cautionary Warning to Those Who Dream about the Golden Years



Alphabetic Acrostic

Albert’s arthritis makes his old bones ache;
Bea’s bunions kill her and her fingers shake.

Carl’s skin cancer’s all over his face;
Dollie drops dandruff ‘bout everyplace.

Eddie’s eczema is getting much worse;
Hattie’s got hemorrhoids, or so says her nurse.

It’s indigestion keeps Ingrid awake;
Johnny’s knee joint are completely fake.

Kenny’s old kidneys aren’t working so well;
Lulu’s lumbago is a living hell.

Minnie’s leg muscles have gotten too weak;
Nora needs nerve pills ‘cause life makes her freak.

Olive’s poor ovaries need to come out;
Pete’s peter’s petering; he’s full of doubt.

Queenie feels queasy, it’s her inner ear;
Rosie’s remembering isn’t so clear.

Sadie’s so sad that she’s turning to booze;
While Teddy tried grass—he’s got nothing to lose.

Uma has ulcers and can’t eat a thing;
Victor’s Viagra sent him on a fling.

Wally’s wide waistline hangs over his belt;
Xena, the strong one, is no longer svelte.

You don’t really know what the years have in store.
Zippity do da! Surprises galore!

Written for and posted to Karin’s great prompt: use repetition in honor of the movie Ground Hog Day. I chose a bit of humor, an alphabetic, rhyming acrostic poem and…well, you’ll see. Join us over at dVerse Poetics!

All Hallows Eve–an Acrostic

Photo: Photo taken in Nevada's Goldfield Hotel--allegedly one of the many entities that hang around there.

Photo taken in Nevada’s Goldfield Hotel–allegedly one of the many entities that hang around there.

All Hallows Eve
An Acrostic

Any soul not yet at rest
Loosens the grip of uncertainty,
Leaves the abode of the dead, wanders

Here and there amongst the living.
As darkness enfolds earth’s visage
Lost spirits roam, hungering for
Love once refused, lessons to be learned.
Only those still in this realm who understand
What is required to seek fulfillment
Strive to offer hope and prayers.

Even these must wait to cross
Vast worlds and unexplained dimensions
Eventually to rest in peace.

I had this post ready to go for dVerse Poetics, till I realized the prompt was for a bit of ghostly humor…and this leans more towards grim. But it is Halloween in a couple of days, so here’s a dose of restless spirits (just like the kids will be after their sugar binges). Have fun everyone and Happy Halloween. Linking to dVerse Open Link Night where poets prowl. Join us.

Temptation–Gooseberry Garden

Adam, Eve, and the (female) serpent at the ent...

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An Acrostic


Try not to think of how you’ll feel tomorrow,
E’en God can’t know the wonder of this fruit.


My dear, don’t you remember words of warning?


Perhaps God’s trying to keep us from the truth.
Take this; come on. Just try a morsel.
A snake told me that we would be just fine.
The Tree of Life has nothing like this apple.
Indeed, it offers neither food nor wine.


Only a tiny bite, only this one time.
No one will ever know. HEY, this one’s mine!

The story of Adam and Eve expresses many truths that dog our human nature, not the least of which is our relationship with temptation. From my own experience, I find it so easy to rationalize choices that are not consistent with my higher good or the good of others. Given a bit a distance, however, when I can see the results of my decisions with clarity, I’m confronted with the reality of my egoism. Selfishness is at the heart of our problems. My definition of “original sin” is egoism. This is what impairs the perfection of creation.

Shared with Gooseberry Garden,hosted by the talented Sashi, where the prompt for this week is Adam and Eve.