Calando–Writer’s 4th Wednesday

I’ve chosen a previously published poem from 2012 in response to my prompt for Writer’s 4th Wednesday over at The Bardo Group. Music lends itself to allegory.

Image: Wikipedia

Image: Wikipedia


Life lived in a minor key
(not empty)
waiting for the final chord.

You walked alone
and yet the song you sang
(gentle, haunting)

Dolce, my sweet friend
dolente, largo,
until alone, as you lived,



Using musical notation, this brief poem is about a loved one who suffered from agoraphobia. She died a few years back  from cancer. Many have commented on her life as wasted. I chose to believe she had her own symphony to compose, and it was full of a gentle, generous beauty.

Calando-dying away

Agoraphobia is literally translated as fear of crowds. It is a type of social anxiety disorder.

Calando–published in my poetry collection, Jacaranda Rain.

The Weaver

A weaver with her weaving loom Nederlands: Dia...

A weaver with her weaving loom Nederlands: Dia. Een weefster achter haar weeftoestel (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Variegated threads
crisscross this fabric.
Woven in a clash of hues,
chaotic colors
splash upon each day.

Flashing across the loom,
deft fingers ply
each textured strand,
fill emptiness
with form.

When the work is done
the weaver
wraps herself in
a cocoon of
billowy cloth.

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