is there not a correlation between the fragile and the beautiful?

Photo: Family Memory Book--V. Slotto

Photo: Family Memory Book–V. Slotto

when i hear the sound of pouring tea
i remember her—
the beauty of a love well-lived
cached ‘neath cascades of wrinkle lines
and scars.

i think of loss and hope
held close within the pages
of a musty mem’ry book,

of yellowed linen
edged with lace
that smells of lavender

of all that might have been
if not for war.

Posted for dVerse Poetics where we are asked to write of beauty beyond the physical.


Circle of Life

Photo Credit: Fine Art America

Photo Credit: Fine Art America

I clear out dead leaves—skeletal remains,
unearth a pattern, lace-knit life forms.

Alone in dank earth, (rank, pungent) a seedling
gestates, waits to manifest the beauty of bloom.

Gentle rays of sun awaken bird song, too early perhaps,
for the old man writhing in sweat-stained insomnia.

Across the way, on a rolling hillside, a pregnant ewe
bleats in pain, births dabs of white on green.

You open to the moment, offer your nectar,
then withdraw, leaving me alone in darkness.

Soon I shall return to the mouldering earth,
in an array of colors, flowers painting the world in joy.

Photo Credit: yaymicro

Photo Credit: yaymicro

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Cricket’s Song

Northern mockingbird (Mimus polyglottos)

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Cricket’s Song

When I awaken to sounds
of mockingbirds and scents
of jasmine blooming

and ducks begin
their mating nods and bobs
and doves build nests

when breezes billow
fluttering the leaves
scattering pear blossoms

and winter slips away
behind the blush of bronze
on snow-topped peaks

I know that soon the earth
will warm to sunlight’s touch
and revel in the song of summer.

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