Leonnyes Z to A Challenge: “G” is for Gem

Nearly octahedral diamond crystal in matrix.

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 Flawless Gem
a Cascade

You are like
a flawless gem
in pure gold.

I can’t find words
to aptly say what
you are like.

Not brilliant star
nor dancing flame nor yet
a flawless gem

describes the joy
that I would etch
in pure gold.

Big Tent Poetry–Introspection

Public Domain


A Cascade

When winter comes
will you be ready
to hibernate?

To go within
confront the truth,
when winter comes?

To feel the chill
of unlived dreams—
will you be ready?

This time of year
in cold and dark, we long
to hibernate.

Submitted to Big Tent Poetry: http://bigtentpoetry.org/ and to Leonnyes Z to A Challenge: http://leonnyes.wordpress.com/