For the Love of Reading—Monday Meanderings


Photo: V.

Photo: V.

Because my mother became a war widow when I was just an infant, we spent the first seven years of my life in the home of my grandparents. My grandmother had congestive heart failure and was unable to do a lot, so my mother assumed responsibility for household chores. This symbiotic relationship had a profound effect on my development, as my sedentary grandmother played a critical role in the five years before she died.


I recall that early mornings, most every day, I would drag a pile of Little Golden Books into her bedroom. There, still in bed, she read to me for hours at a time. She spoke to me using adult vocabulary. I fell in love with words before I could read them, and when it came time to learn to read, it came so easily.

One little vignette I will never forget. I suspect it was in the months or even weeks before her death. Her patience had waned along with her strength. I was playing with a toy plastic Brownie camera as she read Lewis Carroll’s fantasy to me. She asked me to cease and desist…several times. I didn’t and she (apparently very calmly) took the camera from me and hurled the length of the living room where we were sitting, I on her lap. To this day I dislike the classic “Alice in Wonderland.”


That being recounted, I have, over the years, continued to develop my love of reading and have, at any given time, several books of various genres on my current reading list. It’s not a leap, and writers know well, that reading nurtures those of us who write and helps to develop imagination in children and adults.

I worry that so many things are supplanting reading. Back in the 1940’s and 50’s when I was a child, there was no virtual reality and, until I was 5, no television. Life was simple and nurtured simple things. Okay. I confess. I’m sounding my age. The point I want to make, the question I ask—what are we doing to promote reading among children and adults?


An addendum/disclaimer: it’s good to see so many YA books appearing on the various best-seller lists.

Just for the fun of it—what do you like to read? What are you reading now?

Nighttime, Playtime

Anxious child at window

Image by IronRodArt - Royce Bair via Flickr

Nighttime, Playtime
A Nursery Rhyme

I do not want to go to bed;
it’s not yet dark outside.
Ideas dancing in my head
are begging to be tried.

I heard the moon say to the stars
It’s time to go and play.
I will be full, the night is ours.
Oh, Mama, can’t I stay?

I do not want to go to sleep
until the party’s over.
The heaven’s promises are deep;
they won’t wait till I’m older.

No. This isn’t a ballad, carol or lullaby. Well, maybe a bit like a lullaby. But circumstances are such today I’m compelled to repost a nursery rhyme for Gay Cannon’s wonderful prompt at dVerse Form for All. You’ll want to stop by…she’s serving up eggnog, poetry and wonderful information about forms you may not have tried. Hope to see you there.

And now my bit of self-serving promotion: my novel, “Winter is Past,” is finally available in various e-book formats and in PRINT! Check it out on my Website or follow the Link on my blog. It’s been a long process and I want to thank all of you for encouragement along the way.

SiS’ Daily Haiku Challenge–Matthew 19, 14

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Submitted to SiS’ Daily Haiku Challenge:


Let little children
run up and down as they please
play before their God.

“Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.”  Matthew 19,14