Presence–Poetry Potluck

Photo: David Slotto


Awakening early in the dawn to the sound of birds;
Easing into daylight, sitting without words;

Coffee slipping down my throat, stirring up my senses;
Fragrant sweet peas opening in rows along the fences;

Dogs that snuggle up to me, waiting for a treat;
Music soaring through my veins, ramping up the beat;

Colors dancing in a field, or posed upon my palette;
Freedom to express my self, to choose and cast a ballot;

Words that tumble through my mind, ending up on pages;
Touches soft as satin, that calm when discord rages;

Life is measured out to me in gifts that this day brings;
The gifting of each moment lies in ordinary things.

Submitted to Jingle Poetry Potluck:┬áThis week’s theme is a few of my favorite things.