golden spring

Photo: V. Slotto

Photo: V. Slotto

beneath the old oak
dandelions ravish spring
splashing gold on grass

splishing yellow paint
in the old oak’s living room
dandelions dance

dandelions sprawl
rollick in spring rays of sun
stalwart oak looks on


Day 9 of National Poetry Month

Morning Prayer

Photo: Ingrid Taylor

Photo: Ingrid Taylor

Morning Prayer
American Sentences

Shadows tumble slowly into mountain crevasses, welcoming dawn.
Dandelions play ring-around-the rosie, rivaling the sunrise.
An egret sits in stillness at the edge of velvet water, waiting.

An old lady plods out to her driveway to retrieve the daily news–
Silver hair, disheveled, highlights grinning eyes, welcomes another day.
The dogs roll with abandonment in dew-covered grass, sharing her bliss.

I head homeward, planning my day, as though there will be no surprises.

Written for dVerse Poets Open Link Night where poetry and friendship abound. Check us out and, if you like, bring a poem of your own.


Photo: Sunrise in the California Desert