Ordinary Things

A Couplet, List Poem


Photo Credit: David Slotto

Awakening early in the dawn to the sound of birds;
Easing into daylight then sitting without words;

Coffee slipping down my throat–stirring up my senses;
Fragrant sweet peas opening up in rows along our fences;

Dogs that snuggle up to me, waiting for a treat;
Music soaring through my veins, ramping up the beat;

Colors dancing in a field, or posed upon my palette;
Freedom to express my self, to choose, to cast a ballot;

Words that tumble through my mind, ending up on pages;
Touches soft and satiny, that calm when discord rages;

Life is measured out to me in gifts that this day brings;
The blessing of each moment lies in ordinary things.

Photo Credit: D. Slotto

Photo Credit: D. Slotto

I wrote this poem years ago when I was part of a poetry critique group that formed after a writer’s conference. The assignment was to write a couplet, and this may explain why I’ve never written another one. But for today, I’m using it to respond to my prompt on dVerse Meeting the Bar where the prompt is to write a list poem. Time and muse migration requires me to post this old one. If I come up with something else, you’ll be the first to know.  I hope you’ll stop by dVerse and bring a poem of your own and enjoy the work of your fellow pubsters. The doors open 3:00 PM EDT.

Maybe If–dVerse Meeting the Bar

Photo: writingforrecovery.com

Photo: writingforrecovery.com

I’d noticed
how she
pushed that piece of Kung
Pao Shrimp around
the plate and left it
on the edge.

If I’d taken time
to hear to the words,
she didn’t speak.
Or if I’d
caught the way her
eyes avoided mine,
staring at some
distant intersection
on the horizon
of her world.

If I’d paid attention
to the curtains
drawn tight against
or if I’d wondered why
she never called
me back.

Maybe then she
would not have chosen
to die so soon.

I’m hosting Thursday over at dVerse for Meeting the Bar and asking you to consider issues that inspire you most, and to write a poem using your distinct poetic voice. I hope you will meet us there. The doors open at 3:00 PM EDT.

Death and dying are frequent themes in my writing…in case you haven’t noticed. This is based on a true story. Although I’ve worked with persons who suffer from depression much of my nursing career, I didn’t pick up on it. When you’re close to someone it’s easy to miss the obvious, I’m sorry to say.

The Weaver

A weaver with her weaving loom Nederlands: Dia...

A weaver with her weaving loom Nederlands: Dia. Een weefster achter haar weeftoestel (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Variegated threads
crisscross this fabric.
Woven in a clash of hues,
chaotic colors
splash upon each day.

Flashing across the loom,
deft fingers ply
each textured strand,
fill emptiness
with form.

When the work is done
the weaver
wraps herself in
a cocoon of
billowy cloth.

Linked to dVerse Poets’ Pub’s Meeting the Bar which I have the joy of hosting today with an allegorical twist. I hope you’ll stop by with a poem of your own, or just to read and comment. 

Faith–dVerse Poets: Meeting the Bar

Ice Iris

Image via Wikipedia


I am of earth,
slow moldering like leaves beneath the ash,
pungent scents evoking

You touch the sky,
extend your arms,
embracing visions of tomorrow
and of days thereafter.

And all the while,
I bear my age in bones
that ache when north winds
touch our land,
when hoar frost settles
crisp on wilted buds

The cricket closed up shop
last night,
withdrew her song,
succumbed to sleep.

Today, you skip with joy
in poppied fields.

I grieve a babe gone missing now too many days,
and little ones who’ll never know
delights of childlike innocence.

I read of Abelard
of death he witnessed—
a tiny rabbit trapped and freed
but then to perish in his arms.
And of the doubt that followed thence:
Is there a God and has
God tasted pain?

Holding the world’s sorrow,
I watch you dance, I wait for hope..

I attempted this poem in response to Emmett Wheatfall’s prompt today an dVerse Poets’ Pub for Meeting the Bar. Emmett introduces us to a new-to-me concept using the term CONFLATION. Visit the pub and learn all about it at http://dversepoets.com  Thank you, Emmett.