Listen to Drought Who Comes to Teach




Listen as our planet’s worries seep
onto dry land, the cracks of aging Earth.
No longer able to support her growth,
she’s faced, instead, with slow, incipient death.
Drought silences pure hope of her rebirth.
How, wonders she, shall she support new life.

Look closely, see the subtle signs of life.
Allow your hope to flow, at least to seep
into our land, so longing for rebirth.
Creation casts its lot upon the Earth
to stop the onslaught of impending death.
We wait, in vain, for rain to nourish growth.

Observe the baby duckling’s daily growth,
the blooming of our Jasmine’s fragrant life—
aware, the while, of nature’s dance with death
as life-force takes its leave and slowly seeps
away to make a place upon the earth.
Wake up in awe as springtime brings rebirth.

Now, hold your breath before the lands’ rebirth
and watch for blooms unfolding as new growth,
but pray for rain to fall once more on Earth,
to give the West the promise of new life.
Don’t let despair allow our world to seep
in entropy to reign, succumb to death.

Remember there’s a meaning to each death.
The seed that’s fallen offers us rebirth.
The song of birds into this morning seeps
to speak of joy to come and foretell growth.
Let not that joy deceive our quest for life
as drought casts doubt upon our fragile Earth.

We share responsibility for Earth,
the consequence of choices that bring death.
The future looks to us to care for life.
(Our children’s children are our own rebirth).
On us depends our world’s on-going growth
that truth we share in each of us may seep.

Bring life to Earth and tend to her rebirth
and bow to death who brings to us new growth.
Care for each life lest sweet Earth’s wounds shall seep.

Here in the West we face a terrible drought that has brought increased awareness to our need to conserve water.

When I face “word-drought” I like to turn to form poetry to find the discipline needed to write again. This is a Sestina in Iambic Pentameter. It is a first draft. The word “seep” was supposed to be “seed.” I couldn’t read my own writing. Seep is not an easy word for ending a sentence.

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leave the key on the counter

is there no end to longing?

the slate black of your hardened
stare lingers.

tonight you close the door behind you,
leave me alone in what
used-to-be our room, now
empty of presence and warmth.

no tears to shed, no time to think.
what has become of us?
what has driven this wedge between us?
when did we become you and i?

if there’s no hope for repair
for what used to be
leave your key on the counter.
and please,

please, leave the dog.


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KeeeRak, KeeeRak. Two snaps
open the black garbage bag.
“Anyone want this? No?”
The business of after-death.

Photo Credit: Stand Up Guys

Photo Credit: Stand Up Guys

Written in response to Fred’s prompt for Saturday at dVerse Poetics dealing with short verse and linked to dVerse OLN. Hope to see many of you there! Brian and Claudia’s talent in  incorporating onomatopoeia is exceptional and pushed me to see what I could do with it. 

Hope you will join us and while you’re there check out this Monday’s  Bullfight and Pretzels, an interview with Fred by Laurie Kolp.

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