The Curl II–dVerse OLN

Photo: V. Slotto

Last week, Amaya, in her first prompt as a member of the dVerse team, challenged us to write a response poem. I have chosen Toni’s (Kanzen Sakura) poem, The Curl, which she wrote during the difficult time of her mother’s illness. Since then, her mother has passed. During the same time, I went through the same thing with my sweet mother. So this response is for both of us. 


The Curl
Toni Spencer

the days have knit themselves
into a pattern of sameness—
an afghan in shades of grey.
like the winter sky and trees.
the elderly woman settles down to sleep.
the younger woman brushes the curls off
her forehead and whispers,
Sleep mama, sleep.

Used with permission of the author
Previously published in Chiaroscuro, a dVerse Anthology

The Curl, II
Response Poem, Victoria Slotto

slowly, it seems, those days unravel
from gray to gold to azure blue—
a curl of color, dazzling.
days of life, of spring and hope.
wrapped now in joy we cannot know
her daughter fashions words of love
into a quilt of memories.
Dance, mama, dance.

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Old Lady–dVerse Open Link Night


in the corner of the dark
room spider spins her web,
traps a fly.

you are prone, sipping
from a straw. your smile
flickers then you wait.

why do fireflies compete
with lightning when summer
becomes indefensible?

you are prone, tugging
at fringe on your prayer
shawl. deep breath. sigh.

tomorrow they say
will be the same as today
or the day before yesterday.

you are prone. glasses
smudged with grease and
sweat. how will you see tomorrow?

today the rent was due
they picked up garbage and
the mailman delivered more junk.

you are prone, fingering
rosary beads. eyes closed.
and still we wait.

Linked to dVerse Poets’ Open Link Night.  Born, I suppose, of the many years I worked with the elderly and as a hospice nurse.