When Winter Comes Early–dVerse OLN

Image: pixdaus.com

Image: pixdaus.com

when winter comes early
a trimeric

the day after the storm, white
paint splashes on mother earth,
leftover leaves, ankle-deep, clutter the yard.
i curl up beneath a downy quilt to read.

paint splashes on mother earth,
white and gold and orange, even green,
left over from the late autumn freeze.

leftover leaves, ankle-deep, clutter the yard,
soggy, no crunch beneath my footfall,
covering sagging shrubs and roses.

i curl up beneath a downy quilt to read,
to cull the warmth of words. ideas
swirl inside me, as another snowfall approaches.

Written and linked to dVerse Open Link Night where you are invited to share any sort of poem you like. I blended a few previous prompts: mine from Tuesday on weather, Mary’s on the trimeric form and  Bjorn’s on enjambment. Please stop by and enjoy the company and work of your fellow poets.

Fall-ing–dVerse Meeting the Bar

Tonight, I will be busy tending the bar at dVerse Poets’ Pub where I’ve mixed things up a bit with prompts dealing with STEAMPUNK and ENJAMBMENT. You are invited to join us, write to either or both of the elements, and sit back to sip poetry and comment on your fellow pub-crawlers. This poem features enjambment. Have fun, every one!

Photo: D. Slotto


sluggish cricket songs
wail a mournful tune,
the demise of summer.

season’s final farmers’ market,
scant, I fear,
green, yellow, orange.

summer ecstasy
“taste my intensity,”
colors of an artist’s palette.