Monday Morning Writing Prompt–Art and Poetry

Intaglio printmaking - roller and ink

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Poetry and Art

I enjoy writing and reading poems that incorporate elements used by artists as a metaphor. Think about some of the possibilities: line, shape, color, perspective, unity, movement, pattern (many more). For this week’s prompt, I invite you to choose anything that goes into the creation of a painting, sculpture, collage, fiber art, printing…and use it in a poem. For mine, I’ve chosen “intaglio“–an aspect of print art in which a design is incised or engraved into a material such as copper which is then inked and used to imprint the design for multiple reproductions of the original. Some artists famous for this method include  Whistler and Rembrandt.


The story of your life unfolds—
not in lines
forged by a stylus on copper—
but in the choices
you etch each day.

I especially hope to hear from some of you who engage in the visual arts. Please link your poetry in the comments and enjoy a productive week of writing.