Monday Morning Writing Prompt: Writing a Feeling

Venecian Masks

While perusing poetry for Open Link Night at dVerse¬†Poets’ Pub, I ran across the work of Esther Douek on her blog “Life in a Poem.” As she explains, Esther wrote her poem with the specific purpose of eliciting a feeling. She invites the reader to experience the feeling over the meaning of the words and to share their emotional response in comments.

For this week’s prompt, I invite you to write a poem designed to evoke feelings and to respond to other participants by sharing the reaction their poems caused you to have.

You might enjoy visiting Esther’s poem and see some of the comments her poem produced:

Here’s my effort:


in the corner of the dark

room spider spins her web,

traps a fly.

you are prone, sipping

from a straw. your smile

flickers then you wait.

why do fireflies compete

with lightning when summer

becomes indefensible?

you are prone, tugging

at fringe on your prayer

shawl. deep breath. sigh.

tomorrow they say

will be the same as today

or the day before yesterday.

you are prone. glasses

smudged with grease and

sweat. how will you see tomorrow?

today the rent was due

they picked up garbage and

the mailman delivered more junk.

you are prone, fingering

rosary beads. eyes closed.

and still we wait.

Now, it’s your turn. Write your own “feeling” poem, post the link or the poem in comments, then visit and comment on your fellow poets efforts. It’s fun! I’d enjoy reading your feeling-feedback on mine, as well.