Monday Meanderings–The Flower Garden

Photo Credit: V. Slotto

Photo Credit: V. Slotto

Photo Credit: V. Slotto

Photo Credit: V. Slotto

After a busy weekend for many of us celebrating a holiday, I thought it would be good to start the new week with a moment’s reflection.

I took the photos of the Yucca and Smoke Bush at neighborhood homes the rest are from chez nous.

Here’s a Mr. Linky to this post in case you want to add a link to some photos of your garden. Or perhaps you’ll be inspired to write a poem based on a photo from your own garden or, if you like, use one of these. Take a few moments to enjoy the beauty of nature before charging back to whatever awaits you at work or wherever the day will take you.

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Oops. Had this scheduled for the wrong date!

Photo Credit: V. Slotto

Photo Credit: V. Slotto–Clematis

Photo Credit: V. Slotto

Photo Credit: V. Slotto–Rose

Photo Credit: V. Slotto

Photo Credit: V. Slotto–Various Perennials

Photo Credit: V. Slotto

Photo Credit: V. Slotto: Day Lilies and Coreopsis

After the Rain

Dew, Flowers, Narcissus

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After the Rain

Diamonds settle on mounds
of Dianthus while
sparrows splash with joy
in sparkling puddles.

Fresh scents suffuse morning
light: lemon
honeysuckle, spice.
Verbena and persimmon.

Today, I touch the moment
but think of yesterdays
when once we walked
in rain and sand beneath

a canopy of stars
we tried in vain to count.
The promises you made
did not endure forever.

And now, alone, I ponder
life transformed by dew.
Taste the sweetness of
tomorrow and a memory.

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The State of Color–One Shot Poetry


The State of Color  


 When blue ripped a hole
in gray clouds,
the trumpet vine blared
blasts of yellow
and orange poppies
from the Orient
stretched wide
thirsty maws,
to consume rainbows
of dew.

Submitted to One Shot Wednesday:

Photo: V.Slotto-Palm Desert, CA 2010

Photo: Victoria Slotto--Palm Desert CA 2010