Fred Needs a Sub for Poker Night

Here’s a Flash 55 for G-Man. Stop over and write one of your own. It’s a great editing exercise!

Photo: Wikipedia Commons

Photo: Wikipedia Commons

Fred Needs a Sub for Poker Night

“Today’s Friday.”

“So what?” Chuck snapped.

“It’s our date night.”

“Why do we need a date night? We’re together all the time.”

“We need to fall in love again.”

“Pick another day. I’m subbing for poker tonight.”

Chuck grabbed his jacket and left without a kiss.

Charlotte waited before dialing Fred.

“It worked. We’re on.”

Freedom–dVerse Form for All

Brian has us writing a story of 55 words, no more, no less. I did a severe edit to get this exact.




Such a brilliant sunrise—an odd day for them to find his parents’ brains spattered on the wall.

He stuffed clothes in a bag, clenched the address Grandma sent him when he was five, slipped it into the pocket of his flannel shirt.

No one could suspect him. Shit, they didn’t even know he existed.

News Flash!!!

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Cover Photo: David Slotto Cover Art: Victoria Slotto

Cover Photo: David Slotto
Cover Art: Victoria Slotto