Enjoying the Process of Writing

As a nurse, I was somewhat oriented to an outcome-based mentality. As part of the health care team, I assessed and evaluated patient needs, defined goals and the actions I would take to meet them…then followed the steps I’d outlined. In a sense, this trapped me in the future. My sense of success depended on reaching those goals. Patients counted on me to succeed, as well..even when those goals were palliative rather than curative.

My goals as a writer include outcomes, of course. Specifically, that of publishing. But the joy I find in writing lies so much more in the process, the excitement in discovering ideas pouring onto paper (or a computer screen) as words–ideas that surprise you most of the time.

And so, I revel in the moment that I enter that zone and allow the creative Spirit to flow through. How many are able to experience that in the daily humdrum of work?