life at sixty-something

Submitted to Gooseberry Gardens where the challenge is to tell something about your life. This was written some years ago…and that’s as much as I’m telling!

Check out this video: old-lady-dancing-at-walmart ‘Tis not I!

life at sixty-something

i’m outrageous
flaunt clashing colors
listen to dissonant music

wear long hair
flowing dresses
comfortable shoes
make-up only if i feel like it

start new a career
in the arts
open my mouth
speak my truth
(kindly of course)

provoke thoughtfulness
step outside limits
of socially-conditioned
unshakable beliefs

hold firm or disregard

spend time each day in non-productivity

God’s not
a tightly packaged
sealed commodity
not limited at all
too fun and playful for theologians

i for one
don’t want to miss out
on the next surprise

life is splendid at sixty-something!

Lauds and Loons

Loons on Wolfe Lake (Ontario, Canada)

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Lauds and Loons

In a former life
I chanted Lauds
soon upon awakening:

morning prayer,
quiet time and
praise of the Creator.

Now I join my voice
to songs of birds,
early morning joy.

In winter dark
when hearts are cold
I go within,

remember how it was
when not so stark.
Listen to the call of loons.

Loon Call from

I’m posting this older poem to Gooseberry Gardens and dVerse Open Link Night. Both sites are a feast of poetry and friendship. I usually prefer to offer something unique for each, but this week is a bit overloaded.