of a gray september day

Photo: V. Slotto

Photo: V. Slotto

of a gray september day

this early morning
(pewter-skied day),
i long for shadow-slices
undulating among rocky crags,
swooping into tree trunk crevices,
unraveling ribbons
of golden sunshine–
light tickled by grass threads.

yesterday, they clung sensually
to a solitary rose,
her beauty now swept
beneath a leaden shroud.

Photo: V. Slotto

Photo: V. Slotto

My favorite prompt, the Quadrille, a 44-word poem (exactly, exclusive of the title)! This week De is looking for the word SHADOW in the poem itself. Stop by dVersePoets Pub with your Quadrille and sip delight by reading the submissions of other poets, sharing comments, too. The prompt is open all week.


The Blissful Side of Gray

Here’s a second take on the Florette Form that Gayle has shared with us at dVerse…a bit lighter than my previous post. Please join us.

The Blissful Side of Gray

Where flowers bloomed just yesterday,
now barren branches barely sway
and leaves lie glumly in the snow—
winter’s begun, the light is low. I long for sun.

The sky—unending swaths of gray—
can bring oppression to my day.
But when the clouds give way to light
the mood dissolves, denies my right to mope and laze.

So now I have to mop the floors
open the windows, work outdoors.
It’s not that bad when days are drear,
it’s an excuse. My book is near. But here’s the sun.

Artist: John Lavery Wikipedia Labeled for Non-commercial use.

Artist: John Lavery
Labeled for Non-commercial use.