Nurture–dVerse Poetics

The ants rush toward sweetness. I take away the melon, but first I spill a little melon juice on the counter.
Mary Oliver
Sand Dabs, Eight


A drop of Buddhist grace seeps in my core.
I hesitate then spray to check those ants
but guilt ensues, weighs heavily in my soul,
Yet, should spider dare invade, I squash.

Last week I wept—a neighbor’s trees chopped down.
I wept for feathers scattered in our yard,
for eggs unhatched, abandoned in their nest,
for grazing cows and sheep, doomed to be slain.

And do we know for sure grain feels no pain?
That brainless lobsters know no suffering
when dropped in boiling pots for our delight?
Does life exist to feed on other lives?

But soon enough I, too, shall go away—
my life snuffed out much like a candle’s flame.
And so the cycle’s endless rhythm flows,
as well it must make room for seedling’s growth.

Photo: Teri Herzog

Photo: Teri Herzog

A second offering for Mary’s prompt at dVerse Poetics–to write poetry inspired by a quotation.


Silence–Flash Fiction

death bed

death bed (Photo credit: Damian Bere)

Today, while working my poetry comments I happened upon a site that offers Five Sentence Flash Fiction Prompts using a one-word prompt. As I’ve been so consumed in the world of poetry and the business side of publishing my novels, my fiction writing has taken a back seat to poetry. And so, I thought I’d hop on in and take a few moments to participate in this challenge. This week’s word prompt offered by hostess, Lilie McFerrin, is Silence. Here’s mine:


For weeks after she died, oppressive silence filled her room, creeping like fog into every aspect of my life. I didn’t miss the curses or abuse she handed out, day-after-day, year-after-year. Nor did I mind the aloneness of it all. Even the hospice nurse, when she visited to reclaim left-over supplies and medications, said nothing when she saw the empty morphine bottle. But in my mind, silence screams its verdict: “Guilty; guilty as charged.”

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If you’re here to visit my poem for dVerse Poetics, it’s the previous post.

NaPoWriMo Day 2–Sleepless

bedroom at night

Image by rachel in wonderland via Flickr

I’m happy to celebrate National Poetry Month by participating in a variety of challenges available to those who wish to write a poem a day during the month of April. I’ve decided to browse the various prompts, choose one that speaks to me and post it to my blog.

This prompt came from NaPoWriMo: where the challenge for Day 2 is to write a poem incorporating the titles of three books you have in your library.


we have known both the agony
and the ecstasy of nights
held back from sleep

the sultry summer lust
our bodies wrapped in love’s
embrace and sweat

a random song that
cleaves the night but who would
dare to kill a mockingbird?

the soul’s raging war of
hearts betrayed or
guilt unburdened

yet in the morn we resurrect
we rise renewed, bodies sated
spirits unbroken