Stars and Midnight Blue–Haiku for Monday Meanderings



My response to Mary’s prompt on dVerse–to write about light–was a bit challenging, so today I’d light to bring a bit more lightness of spirit to Monday Meanderings. The title of this poem comes from a Christmas album by Enya–a quite beautiful album.


white rose in winter

miracles we don’t expect

our God comes to earth


silent star-filled night

newborn hope envelopes earth

flurries of pure joy


christmas eve arrives

children with eyes wide-open

stars and midnight blue

Most likely I will cut way back on posts during the next few weeks that are filled with so many activities. Enjoy this time of preparation and giving. Enjoy your families…the best gift of all.




Photo: fxcuisine

Photo: fxcuisine

Nature loves her riffs—
dandelions run crazy
up and down our world.

Photo: bostonphotos

Photo: bostonphotos

Linking to dVerse Form for All where Gay asks us to jazz things up a bit.  In case you’re wondering what a riff is:


 noun \ˈrif\

music : a short and usually repeated pattern of notes in a song

Here a short Smooth Jazz riff on the saxophone: 

Bliss, Briefly–dVerse Open Link Night

I’m happy to announce the release on Kindle of my first collection of poetry: Jacaranda Rain, Collected Poems, 2012, scheduled for Thursday, August 22nd. Print copies will be forth-coming in the near future.

Cover Photo: David Slotto Cover Art: Victoria Slotto

Cover Photo: David Slotto
Cover Art: Victoria Slotto

Now, my poem:

Photo Credit: David Slotto

Photo Credit: David Slotto

Bliss, Briefly

Sunshine, casting light,
discovered lily, fell in love—
brevity’s heartbreak.

I’m submitting this haiku to dVerse Open Link Night. The photo is of a blossoming plant that we’ve had in our bathroom for almost twelve years. I can’t recall it having bloomed before. David recently transplanted it to another larger container and it’s been so happy since then. It seems like it belongs to the lily family, but if anyone can tell me what it is, I’d be grateful. It’s leaves are large and floppy. Here’s another photo that shows more of the plant.

Photo Credit, David Slotto

Photo Credit, David Slotto

Blind Date–dVerse Poetics

Blind Date–Haiku

Photo Credit: Alex Jordan via Flickr

Photo Credit: Alex Jordan via Flickr
Pirates of the Caribbean: Disneyland, Anaheim, California

Caribbean ride,
sabers drawn, those pirates lunge,
teen villain on me.

Drawing on a teenage memory of my very own villain. Growing up in Southern California when the original Disneyland opened, I once accepted the offer of a blind date. In one of the tunnel rides, the creep was all over me. Can’t remember his name or the ride, just the look on my parents’ face, and their laughing when I came home all disheveled.

If you haven’t been over to dVerse yet, Mary is asking us to write Disney characters. So join us for Fantasy, Adventure and some California Living.


Quan Yin

Deutsch: Die Meisterin des Lebens.

Deutsch: Die Meisterin des Lebens. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Quan Yin

merciful goddess
such compassionate goodness
(womanly essence)

embodies your soul
melds eastern and western worlds
cherry blossoms rain

Today, over at dVerse Poetics, Kelvin invites us to write of things Asian. I chose Quan Yin, the goddess of compassion who, as I see it, mirrors the Virgin Mary in Western Culture. Both figures capture the essence of feminine beauty.

Ah! Tomatoes

mere seeds in winter
planted with care and nurture
spouts emerge in early spring

Photo Credit:Victoria Slotto
David and Sparky

water sun and soil
engender succulent fruit
harvesting begins

Photo Credit: David Slotto

pure pleasure ensues
abundance shared with others
juicy crimson joy

Photo Credit: David Slotto

but what do I see?
anomaly of nature
Frankenstein returns

Photo Credit: David Slotto

This post is more about the poetry of my husband’s garden than the poetry of words. Each year in the first week of March, while we’re still in the desert, David starts heirloom tomato plants from seed. He uses a growing lamp set up in the shower of the guest bathroom. When they get to be a few inches high, he tranplants them into separate pots and after a while, begins to introduce them to the Californa sun. By the time we leave for Reno they’re usually a couple of feet tall and he transports them in the front seat of his car, back into cold country (we usually have more freezes and often, snow, when we get back home). Then he needs to begin again to re-acclimate them to the weather, placing them outside a few hours at a time, while he rototills his raised garden bed. Around the last week in May, he plants them (along with other veggies and herbs). Sometimes he uses “walls of water” to keep them warm; quite often he has to sneak out at bedtime and cover them in plastic or sheets. Let’s just say he’s the nurturing type. (He does ALL the cooking).

The last couple of weeks he’s begun harvesting.  Frankenstein is an heirloom called Elmer’s Old German. We couldn’t believe the perfect suture line down the middle, as though Nature sewed two tomatoes together. Frankenstein weight 2 lbs, 0.5 oz and at his width measures 6 inches.

Please join us at dVerse Poets’ Pub for Open Link Night. Natasha Head is our beautiful, talented hostess. I’m on my way with last year’s batch of Bloody Mary Mix, made from our 2011 crop! I look forward to sampling your work.

Power of Love-A Haiku

candle flame

Image by ezioman via Flickr

Power of Love

Love is above all
energy kindling a fire
in the core of life.

I am posting this brief poem in gratitude for the nomination I received for the Perfect Poet’s Award, and to bring a bit of light into our celebrations of the season.

Golfing Pinehurst–a Collection of Haiku

Golfing Pinehurst
a Collection of Haiku

There is no rough on Pinehurst #2...only what they call "waste land." It behooves you to stay in the fairway. The bunkers were my downfall.

Pinehurst number two
home of the U.S Open ~
misty memories

This bronze statue commemorates Payne Stewart's U.S. Open win in 1999. He died soon after in a Plane Crash.

standing on the tee
lurking in giants’ footsteps
wasteland surrounds green

The "Wasteland"

I drove the green on this one then missed a 3' putt for my birdie. :0(

torrents of rain slice
sideways across the fairway
we golf anyway

There are a total of 8 courses at the Pinehurst Resort. On the 2nd day we played #8. It was wet at first but it just poured after the first 6 or 7 holes. We toughed it out for 11 but had to quit. We were soaked through and walking down the fairway you needed boots. This photo was taken before the rain set in.

During my blogging break, my husband and I spent two days golfing at one of the U.S. Open courses–Pinehurst, North Carolina. When my husband won this trip last year, I finally got serious about my game. Even now, I’m a high handicapper…as high as they will give you…but I’m amazed to find enjoyment on the course, most likely because golf submerges you in the beauty of nature.

Thank you to Gay Reiser Cannon at dVerse Poets Pub who gave us a comprehensive review of the art of classic Japanese Poetry, including haiku. I’ve been having trouble awakening my muse since returning home, and this is the first poem I’ve written in a while. I wanted to reflect a bit upon this experience.

Photo: David Slotto 9-22-11

All photos: David Slotto

A Good Morning–A Collaborative Haiku


Image by Sean MacEntee via Flickr

I’m pleased to offer a collaborative Haiku that was written by a half-dozen talented poets in response to last week’s Monday Morning Writing Prompt. I’ve taken the liberty of naming it:

A Good Morning
a Collaborative Haiku

Morning sun wakens,
arouses a ruddy sky
with his tender touch.
   Victoria at

Sunlight’s soft fingers
brush aside the veil of night.
A new day begins.
   Jinksy at

Summer sun dries out
the lotus blossom’s wet home.
Its soul still lingers.
   Mike at

Pearls on spear tips
gently healed, the lawn’s
wetness yields its breath.
   David at

Night fades into day
birds chirp and squawk, then silence
change whispers, “arise.”
   Lorna at

Moon-shrouded gecko
vanishes with the sunrise
and the dawning dew.
   Gayle at

Thank you all for your participation…let’s do it again!