Ah! Tomatoes

mere seeds in winter
planted with care and nurture
spouts emerge in early spring

Photo Credit:Victoria Slotto
David and Sparky

water sun and soil
engender succulent fruit
harvesting begins

Photo Credit: David Slotto

pure pleasure ensues
abundance shared with others
juicy crimson joy

Photo Credit: David Slotto

but what do I see?
anomaly of nature
Frankenstein returns

Photo Credit: David Slotto

This post is more about the poetry of my husband’s garden than the poetry of words. Each year in the first week of March, while we’re still in the desert, David starts heirloom tomato plants from seed. He uses a growing lamp set up in the shower of the guest bathroom. When they get to be a few inches high, he tranplants them into separate pots and after a while, begins to introduce them to the Californa sun. By the time we leave for Reno they’re usually a couple of feet tall and he transports them in the front seat of his car, back into cold country (we usually have more freezes and often, snow, when we get back home). Then he needs to begin again to re-acclimate them to the weather, placing them outside a few hours at a time, while he rototills his raised garden bed. Around the last week in May, he plants them (along with other veggies and herbs). Sometimes he uses “walls of water” to keep them warm; quite often he has to sneak out at bedtime and cover them in plastic or sheets. Let’s just say he’s the nurturing type. (He does ALL the cooking).

The last couple of weeks he’s begun harvesting.  Frankenstein is an heirloom called Elmer’s Old German. We couldn’t believe the perfect suture line down the middle, as though Nature sewed two tomatoes together. Frankenstein weight 2 lbs, 0.5 oz and at his width measures 6 inches.

Please join us at dVerse Poets’ Pub for Open Link Night. Natasha Head is our beautiful, talented hostess. I’m on my way with last year’s batch of Bloody Mary Mix, made from our 2011 crop! I look forward to sampling your work.

Crynkovic Yugoslavian–Open Link Night at dVerse Poets’ Pub


Image by arbyreed via Flickr

Crynkovic Yugoslavian

Voluptuous Earth Goddess,
bearer of sacred promise,
fruitful Mother,
we savor your delight.

Misinformed misogynist,
the patriarchal Hesiod,
knew not the taste of pleasure
nor the scent of paradise.

Photo: V. Slotto

The Crynkovic Yugoslavian is a variety of heirloom tomatoes whose seed originated in (you guessed it) Yugoslavia. When my gardener-husband harvested this one last evening it brought to mind early goddess images, most often depicted as curvaceous figures without distinct features. If you’ve never enjoyed heirloom tomatoes, you’ve missed a truly divine experience.

Hesiod’s work on mythology downplays the role of feminine deities.

Summer Bliss–Season’s Favorite Challenge

Red-hot poker plants (Kniphofia uvaria) on the...

Image via Wikipedia

In summer, the song sings itself. William Carlos Williams

Summer Night
by Kobayashi Issa

Summer night–
even the stars
are whispering to each other.

Summer Bliss
by Victoria Ceretto-Slotto
a collection of Haiku

Sitting on the deck
garden sunshine and shadow
early morning bliss

A male oriole
lay lifeless ‘neath the Ash tree.
Flaming sunset paused.

Red hot pokers flaunt
their brilliant orange erections—
boasting, unashamed.

Those brilliant red globes
peek from behind floppy leaves.
Tomatoes galore!

Reno is Art Town
tourists stroll the Riverwalk
watch painters at work.

Summertime living
lazy river rolling on
bees search for pollen.

Growing corn surrounds
(hides mysteries and wonders)
in my Field of Dreams.

A Few of My Favorite Things:

Quote: William Carlos Williams—among my top twenty favorite poets

Poem: Summer Night by Kobayashi Issa—discovering and savoring Japanese poetry

Word: Sunshine

Animal: Orioles—visit our feeder several times a day–here’s a photo my husband took a few days ago:

Photo: David Slotto

Flower: Red Hot Pokers—help attract those orioles–the photo at the top of this post is of a red hot poker.

Food: Heirloom Tomatoes—ugly-looking delicious fruit that my husband grows from seed.

Town: Reno—in July, Reno celebrates ArTown, bringing all the arts to many venues every day. Most people equate the “Biggest Little City in the World” with divorce and gambling. Those of us who live here know better. To learn more about Artown visit: http://www.renoisartown.com/

2011 ArTown Poster Image by Kelly Peyton

Song: “Summertime”—steamy, sultry song from the musical “Porgy and Bess”

Book: “The Secret Life of Bees” –an exquisite novel, literary fiction, by Sue Monk Kidd. Every word is poetry.

Movie: “Field of Dreams”—a baseball classic starring Kevin Costner.

Images: Who can choose? I love the intense colors of nature.

Photo: V. Slotto

Written in response to Broken Sparkles  Season’s Favorite Challenge. Check it out at http://brokensparkles.wordpress.com/


Bowl of Purple Calabash tomatoes

Image via Wikipedia

Submitted to Lady Nimue’s Months of the Year Challenge for the month of August…the month in which our homegrown heirloom tomatoes are abundant. It seems a bit bizarre to be writing this in sub-zero, snow-pending weather!

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Those brilliant red globes
peer out from behind floppy leaves.
Tomatoes galore!