Circle of Life

Photo Credit: Fine Art America

Photo Credit: Fine Art America

I clear out dead leaves—skeletal remains,
unearth a pattern, lace-knit life forms.

Alone in dank earth, (rank, pungent) a seedling
gestates, waits to manifest the beauty of bloom.

Gentle rays of sun awaken bird song, too early perhaps,
for the old man writhing in sweat-stained insomnia.

Across the way, on a rolling hillside, a pregnant ewe
bleats in pain, births dabs of white on green.

You open to the moment, offer your nectar,
then withdraw, leaving me alone in darkness.

Soon I shall return to the mouldering earth,
in an array of colors, flowers painting the world in joy.

Photo Credit: yaymicro

Photo Credit: yaymicro

Linked to dVerse Poetics where we’re asked to write beauty, perhaps with a contrast element of the apparently-not-so-beautiful. But would we have the one without the other? Hope you will join us at the Poets’ Pub.

I invite you to Link any Father’s Day Poem you have written here. The Link will be open until Monday 5:00 PM PDT.

Revelation–Poetry Potluck’s Theme of Art, Music and Poetry

D. Slotto 4/2011

Oleander and the Sky
Image by ozgurmulazimoglu via Flickr

D. Slotto 4/2011

Submitted to Poetry Potluck: and

Monday Morning Writing Prompt:


Last night as I slept
the Artist came and dabbed Oleander’s
green with brilliant buds of pink
then feathered white across
a chosen hummingbird.

Last night as I slept
the Violinist played, sweeping
his bow across the fronds of palms.
Music hummed in branches of Crepe Myrtle,
sprinkling her blossoms all across the Earth.

Last night as I slept
the Poet tossed his words into the water,
ripples bore their beauty
all across the world so sere,
so desperate for salvation.

This morning I awoke
to colors of joy,
to sounds of grace,
to possibilities of peace.

This week the Oleanders blossomed overnight, the winds howled, and a striking albino hummingbird has graced us with his presence. Happy Easter to all.

SiS’s Daily Haiku Challenge–Voice of Spring

Northern mockingbird

Image via Wikipedia

Submitted to SiS’s Daily Haiku Challenge:  Today’s theme is “lilt.”

Voice of Spring

Spring’s impending voice
lilt of mockingbird, dove’s coo
light-hearted spirit.

January in the Desert–Jingle’s Poetry Rally

Flowers everywhere....

Image by Per Ola Wiberg ~ Powi via Flickr

Submitted to Jingle’s Poetry Rally:

January in the Desert

I am
a wild strawberry
woven among
low-lying oleander branches,

I am
the fear that brushes
by your body in
the darkness of a dream.

I am
slipping over
mounded slopes

of snow-capped
Santa Rosa mountains
bringing rain
and night.

I slap
the rounded curves of
wind-stroked cheeks
turned skyward.

I am the hummingbird.
I wait outside
your window
with promises of joy.

Leonnyes Z to A Challenge: “D” is for Door

Doorways. The ruined church of St Mary in Arde...

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Submitted to Leonnyes Z to A Challenge:

“D” is for Door

May I be an unlocked door,
receive the gifts that the Universe
is rushing to bestow.

Open my life to grief and joy,
dancing, singing songs
with wordless melodies.

When the gate is open just a crack
Divine Life surges in, waves
flood empty spaces.

The free flow of sounds, ideas,
people, grace, lives touching one another
expand the boundaries of a limited

perspective. Senses are the portal
of the body. See, touch, taste
the experience of each blessed moment.

You stand upon the Sacred Threshold.
Wait for the Bridegroom to bid you enter.

Sunday 160–“Joy”

Photo: David Slotto

A hummingbird descends,
drinks honey.
Blankets of feathers
stagger across red
silken breast.
Ladles of nectar
slip down
his tawny throat,
sweeten the
pain of
Mother Earth.

Submitted to Monkey Man’s Sunday 160 in which you have 160 characters including spaces to write a poem or flash fiction. 

This is so out-of-season here (snow outside) but it doesn’t hurt to remember!

“L” is for Lauds and Loons

Yellow-billed Loon (Gavia adamsii), juvenile/f...

Image via Wikipedia

Submitted to Leo’s Z to A Challenge:

“L ” is for Lauds and Loons

In a former life
I chanted Lauds
soon upon awakening:

morning prayer,
quiet time and
praise of the Creator.

Now I join my voice
to songs of birds,
early morning joy.

In winter dark
when hearts are cold
I go within,

remember how it was
when not so stark.
Listen to the call of loons.

Note: Lauds is the morning prayer chanted in Catholic monasteries and religious communities comprised for the most part of a varying selection of psalms.

You may enjoy a visit to this link to hear the “wail” of the loon.


Photo Credit: David Slotto


Do hummingbirds
set goals each morning?

Today I’ll hit the
feeders at 161
then 165.
In the evening,
I’ll hover ‘round
the Carolina Jasmine.
till day’s end,
then check out
the wife and kids.

Does crossing off to-do’s
give them satisfaction?

Or is it the sweetness
of each moment?

April 2010 Photo: David Slotto

The prompt for this poem was “deadlines.”