Tracks on My Heart

Photo: Truckee River

Truckee River

Last night I filtered sound
through the web of my dreams—
the long, long, short, long
whistle of the train
weaving its way south of the Truckee

close to my tears,
muffling cries, not bitter,
rather longing, for those days
in spring when you were enough.

Back then our love sang the colors
of wildflowers and scents of
new rain. Now, alone, I keep
you  close, in my dream, once more.

I sort through pieces of my heart,
lay them out to be borne away
by gusting wind and the long,
long, short, long whistle
of the train along the Truckee.

A very rough draft, written for Sunday Whirl and dVerse Open Link Night. I invite you to stop by both sites where poetry abounds.

News Flash!!!

I’m pleased to announce the release on Kindle of my first collection of poetry: Jacaranda Rain, Collected Poems, 2012, You will find it for purchase on Amazon (Free for Kindle Prime members). Reviews on Amazon or Goodreads would be most appreciated. 

Cover Photo: David Slotto Cover Art: Victoria Slotto

Cover Photo: David Slotto
Cover Art: Victoria Slotto


Of Dying–A Ghazal

Dead Tree in Sepia

Image by Grumpy-Puddin via Flickr

That pain surrounds our birth, there’s no denying,
though worse, the fear that comes with thoughts of dying.

For life’s sojourn is pierced by sounds of crying,
as day-by-day we creep unto our dying.

Absorbed by fear of loss, we turn to buying
mere toys to mask remembrance of our dying.

And as our days grow long we know dark sighing
of friends and those we love. We watch their dying.

Perhaps, at length, we will eschew defying,
instead, embracing death: Victorious dying.

Re-posted for Gooseberry Garden’s where today’s theme is loss and longing. Thank you Shashi for this prompt and your dedication in the past in hosting.