Poem–Exodus 3:4

It’s been a while since I’ve responded to Robert Lee Brewer’s weekly poetry prompt, in fact, it’s been a while since I’ve written a poem. So here’s my attempt for yesterday’s in which he invited his followers to write a “Whatever…” poem. If you are a poet, I strongly recommend his blog, part of the Writer’s Digest site. You can access through my blog roll.

I have not edited this poem–I welcome your critique, suggestions, feedback.

Exodus 3:4

Whatever happened on the way to life?
Waiting to finish this or that until
the moment that was then, is now, is gone.

Look closely at your world:
the way the light shines through
the beveled glass,

breaks into prisms and colors
the morning quiet, livens the dew
hidden inside a trembling leaf.

Taste the burst of sweetness
when you bite into a summer plum
or sip the nectar of a lingering kiss.

Listen to the music of your child’s
first word, touch her skin and revel
in the silky texture of her hair.

The scent of rain on steamy earth,
the call of crickets or the mournful murmur
of the dove, do not ignore them.

Your senses call and you respond,
like Moses,“Here I am.”
Uncover the presence of the divine.