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Listening Woman

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Image: Wikipedia
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Thirteen of us sit in a circle around Darleen, our friend of Native American descent, our friend who shared a deep spiritual journey with us that was different from what we knew. Over the months she shared the beauty of the American Indian traditions—beauty that enriched our own understanding of the Great Spirit without taking anything from our own beliefs. Beauty that helped us to behold the wonders of creation with fresh insight.

Today, she introduces us to the talking stick. A large hawk feather wrapped around a stick with leather and beads. It is used in tribal councils, and for our purpose in group discussion. The stick is passed around the circle to the person who wants to share her views. Only the person holding the stick is allowed to speak. Everyone else listens.

eagle feather soar
words born of thoughtful silence
spirit wisdom speaks

Posting a 2nd poem, a haibun,  for my feather prompt at dVerse Poetics.

Anasazi Kiva



Anasazi Kiva
Black-Out or Erasure Poetry

sunk into deep ground—
the womb of Mother Earth—

spiritual rebirth,
focal point of prayer.

An unlikely place
for spiritual

Anasazi—a Navajo tribe of Native Americans located in the Four Corners where the states of Arizona, New Mexico, Utah and Colorado meet in the southwestern United States.

Kiva—underground chambers that became the center of spiritual and community life.

Source: Places of Tranquility by James Pipkin.

Linked to Bjorn’s prompt at dVerse Poets Meeting the Bar. This is from a stunning coffee table book so, for obvious reason, I didn’t do the black out visual and the book is too large to copy on my printer.

Please join us at the Pub for some amazing poetry. This is a good form to get back in the groove if your muse was idle during the holidays–as mine was.