Monday Morning Writing Prompt: Sacred Music

Graduale Aboense, hymn book of Turku, Finland....

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The other day in responding to comments, I happened upon a blog that featured an article on Gregorian chant. This morning, during my personal quiet time, my mind was jumping around like a flea. I could not center or begin to calm down. So I went back to that site and let the music enter my soul, allowed my breathing to slow down and found a moment’s escape from the mad wanderings of my brain.

For today’s prompt, let’s reflect on sacred music. Perhaps you will want to play a CD of your own that helps you to relax and meditate. What rings your spiritual chimes? Gregorian or Buddist chant? New Age? Drumming? The sounds of nature? Or? Allow yourself to listen and then go with it, wherever the tones or notes or rhythm leads you. Then write, poetry or prose, whatever bubbles out of that moment.

Here’s a poem I wrote years ago that our local community college published in their literary journal. Truckee Meadows Community College, The MeadoW. (That W is not a mistake).




You’re the conductor.

Lead me.

Travel with me to the source

of  sound.

I’m a pliable instrument

in your hands,



You called me to theTruckee.

We sat together on the bank last summer.

You held me.

Water pounded, swirled,

tempered stones,

smoothing them.

You wrapped me in a blanket of rhythm

as the evening breeze chilled my soul.

I listened.

with a stick I stirred up a pebble

and pocketed it.

A reminder of the beat of drumming.

Sacred Songs.


We went to the Labyrinth

on a frosty Wednesday in November.

I wove my way along the path

through dormant shrubs

and plucked a single bloom found

amid the stubble—

 a survivor.

Benedictine monks

chanted latin hymns.

At the Center they intoned

Salve Mater, Misericordiae.

Hail, Mother.

At the mid-point of the Earth,


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