Early pale-pink dawn
egret rests at water’s edge
in shut-eyed prayer perhaps
contemplating pleasures
of inviolate freedom.
Of a sudden, flinging
white wings wide-open
he soars into the freshness
of a flawless new beginning.

Photo: Graham Owen

Photo: Graham Owen

Over at dVerse Poetics, Brian Miller invites us to write a poems using random words offered by a friend or chosen from pages of a book. I chose mine from the poetry of Mary Oliver. I cannot get enough of her work.

The words I happened upon: Nouns–pleasures, egret; Verbs–fly, fling; Adjectives–pale-pink, unviolated; Random–prayer, edge. This is a wonderfully creative prompt. I hope you will join us! They fit a scenario I witnessed this morning!

A New Year’s Wish–dVerse Open Link Night

A New Year’s Wish
An Acrostic

And here we are—another new beginning!

Nature turns within, sucks earth’s nurturance,
Enters into introspective silence.
Worlds outside my window succumb to snowy silence, shiver beneath a hard white blanket.

Yes, we may settle by the fireplace, think upon life’s latest cycle, spent now.
Each January 1, we muse on what may come in days ahead
And choices we will make: acceptance or resistance.
Ready or not, life comes at us. Will we be open to new possibilities?
So much wonder, a bit of fear plays in our imaginations.

We may resolve, plan, writes lists and action plans
In expectation of promises to be fulfilled, And
So I wish unbounded peace should pour into each life,
Hoping that many drops of joy be yours…and mine.

Claudia is hostess today over at dVerse Open Link Night  We hope that you will join us.

This year I allowed myself to go overboard with resolutions. Last year I don’t think I even made any and didn’t accomplish as much as I’d hoped to. So this new year I figure if I’m able to live up to even 10% of them, I’ll be ahead of the game. So my wish for our world may be grandiose, in the hope that at least some goodness may come into each of our lives.

English: Fireworks over Copenhagen the night b...

English: Fireworks over Copenhagen the night before New Year’s Eve (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Live Today–A Sestina

Fireworks Finale

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Submitted to Riika Infinity’s 2011 Wish List Challenge: http://riikainfinityy.com/2010/12/28/wishylissy-for-2011/ in which we were challenged to think about what we want to have, do and wish for this upcoming new year.

I chose to do a sestina, choosing as the end words those that represent my deepest wishes:

Truth–to live without illusion, to understand and speak my truth;
Words–to express these truth’s in my writing and speech;
Presence–to be aware of the Divine in creation;
Bliss–to live in joy;
Now–to live in the present moment;
Earth–to enjoy the gifts of creation

Live Today
A Sestina

I ask for strength that I may live in truth,
that clarity may seal my every word.
My life unfolds within the silent Presence
of the Divine—it’s here that I find bliss.
Awake, I feast in the eternal Now
yet revel in the offerings of earth.

I taste and touch and breathe the joys of earth,
partake of what I see of beauty’s truth:
the flight of birds, the frosty tendrils now
that etch the glass and hold my every word
displaying beauty on the face of bliss.
I bow before the Godhead’s sacred Presence,

surrender to the very hope of present
pledges offered to the waiting earth,
dance with abandon to the sounds of bliss—
chords that echo in harmonic truth.
Succumbing to the utterance of Your Word
that in my own, another may find Now.

And can it be that only in the Now
I may be welcomed in the blessed Presence,
attend in faith the murmur of the Word?
My sure companion of this walk on earth
will cloth me in a garment spun of truth
that I may wear the wedding garb of bliss.

Because it is God’s will we drink of bliss,
I choose to stride along the path of Now,
relish the textures, colors true—
the vivid palettes painted by the presence
of rainbow’s arc bending towards the earth,
soaking rain that nourishes the word.

You strip away illusions with your words,
comfort my exposure to the truth.
Into deep sleep I fall, await Your presence,
awaken to the touch of brilliant bliss.
At last, You come, I rise unto the Now
and bending, touch my lips upon the earth.

You speak Your truth within a whispered word.
Today Your presence seizes me in bliss
enjoying in the Now my moment on this earth.