November, Interrupted: dVerse Haibun Monday

Photo: V. Slotto

Photo: V. Slotto

November, Interrupted

Outside, I see the barren pewter skies of late November, consider how I was taught as a child that this is the time of year in which we are to reflect upon death. Nature seems to cry “emptiness,” though I know that, in reality, life surges beneath the surface of what appears to be.

Wind howls, inviting our outdoor chimes to sound a song of hope when, in a flash, color fills our naked fruit trees as a slew of winter birds fill their branches. Bright yellow and red accents of the cedar wax wings, the stunning burnt sienna of robins and breath-taking tones of blue of Stellar Jays. Even tiny monochromatic chickadees bestow joy as they nestle together in the maple, where scattered orange leaves cling stubbornly.

ornamental pear
stretches out her fruitful arms
fertile emptiness

Written and linked for dVerse, where today Kanzen Sakura invites us to post a haibun on any subject as long as it is a non-fictional account of something that happened to us, concluding with a traditional haiku. This happened just this morning! Please join us.

Monday Morning Writing Prompt–November

NovemberHere in the northern hemisphere, November is a peculiar month. I often think of her in tones of gray, monochromatic, uninspiring. This year, however, autumn dwaddled, could not commit to color or cold until, at last, November charms.

For today’s prompt, let’s write to a November prompt. What does she bring to mind in your corner of the world? Weather? Elections? Boredom? Thanksgiving? Cold? Warming?

Remember, you’re invited to represent November in your own way, based on your own experience, using prose or poetry. Mr. Linky is not available right now–he’s undergoing maintenance. So to share your response, copy the URL and  paste it in the comments section of this post.

I will be posting a poll later this week. Because my soon-to-be-published novel (due out in December) is demanding some re-shifting of priorities, I will be combining MMWP and Wordsmith Wednesday into one weekly event. I need your help in determining which day will work best for you…which day allows you the most time to participate.

I look forward to reading your responses to this prompt and ask you to visit one another, as time allows. Have a happy writing week.

Lady Nimue’s Months-of-the-Year Challenge: November

Mouldering by the Trail

Image by InAweofGod'sCreation via Flickr


A monochromatic palette
paints the Earth Mother.
Moldering leaves
nourish her damp skin,
promise Spring.
Submitted to Lady Nimue’s Month’s of the Year Challenge: