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I am
majestic oak’s cool shade,
the sweltering heat in summer’s glade.

I am
the homeless man you passed,
the rich one who gave of his last.

I am
the flowering cherry tree,
the dandelion’s seed set free.

I am
the widow, fearful and alone,
the youth, whose life has just begun.

I am
the rainfall and the earth,
the sun and wind and blazing hearth.

I am
the saint and seeker, lost,
all those confused, in myst’ry tossed.

I am
the darkest new moon night
and morning’s gentle kiss of light.

You’ll find
at last when life is done,
when shadows lift, we are but one.


Linked to dVerse Poetics where we are invited to use repetition in our poetry.



The Coming–dVerse Open Link Night

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Sheathed in elegance, you capture
a ruptured moment in another sphere
that hurls raptures of color, spews garnet

red, arrays of blue and purple.
They warn of Parousia.
This saintly Sabbath eve you steal

a glimpse of future promise.
You merge as one into the universal consciousness.
Orgasmic nebulae enfold you in ecstasy.

Randomly chosen words: Elegance, Parousia, Steal, Merge, Enfold, Garnet, Ruptured, Saintly, Sabbath, Nebula. In escatology, the word Parousia refers to the end-time. 

I couldn’t resist posting another random word poem (Mad Lib) as suggested by Brian Miller last Saturday’s Poetics. dVerse Poets’ Pub will open its doors tomorrow at 3:00 PM EST when poets from all over the world will post a poem of their own choosing. Hope to see you there!