Golfing Pinehurst–a Collection of Haiku

Golfing Pinehurst
a Collection of Haiku

There is no rough on Pinehurst #2...only what they call "waste land." It behooves you to stay in the fairway. The bunkers were my downfall.

Pinehurst number two
home of the U.S Open ~
misty memories

This bronze statue commemorates Payne Stewart's U.S. Open win in 1999. He died soon after in a Plane Crash.

standing on the tee
lurking in giants’ footsteps
wasteland surrounds green

The "Wasteland"

I drove the green on this one then missed a 3' putt for my birdie. :0(

torrents of rain slice
sideways across the fairway
we golf anyway

There are a total of 8 courses at the Pinehurst Resort. On the 2nd day we played #8. It was wet at first but it just poured after the first 6 or 7 holes. We toughed it out for 11 but had to quit. We were soaked through and walking down the fairway you needed boots. This photo was taken before the rain set in.

During my blogging break, my husband and I spent two days golfing at one of the U.S. Open courses–Pinehurst, North Carolina. When my husband won this trip last year, I finally got serious about my game. Even now, I’m a high handicapper…as high as they will give you…but I’m amazed to find enjoyment on the course, most likely because golf submerges you in the beauty of nature.

Thank you to Gay Reiser Cannon at dVerse Poets Pub who gave us a comprehensive review of the art of classic Japanese Poetry, including haiku. I’ve been having trouble awakening my muse since returning home, and this is the first poem I’ve written in a while. I wanted to reflect a bit upon this experience.

Photo: David Slotto 9-22-11

All photos: David Slotto

Should You Choose to Die Today–dVerse Open Link Night

Rossway Lane, south of Tinker's Lodge. Dappled...

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Should You Choose to Die Today

will the Earth withhold her
splendor for a moment
until she gasps for air,
the air that would be yours?

Most trees have lost their leaves
and quail forage in
dead brush.
I haven’t heard the coyote howl.

On my walk by the River
I saw a pair of doves.
A swallow rests, alone
on a branch of our ornamental pear
and feasts.

Although I posted this poem recently, I want to share it again today with the wonderful visitors to dVerse Poets Pub. I just returned from the funeral of a young woman who took her own life and this experience brought new meaning to these words for me.

On a personal note, I am happy to be back in the world of blogging after a few week’s break. Part of this time was spent on vacation in Colorado Springs and then in Pinehurst, North Carolina where I had the opportunity to golf Pinehurst #2, a course that has hosted the US Open. My husband won this trip. Our second day, we were able to golf 11 holes at another Pinehurst course before the rain forced us off the course. We were soaked to the bone but grateful for this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. AND on course #2, hole #15, my drive landed 3 feet to the left of the pin but then I was so excited about my birdie opportunity, I choked and missed the putt. And so it goes!

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