Unrequited Love–Poetic Bloomings Day 3

The prompt for Poetic Bloomings, Day 3, was to seek inspiration in Shakespeare’s Midsummer’s Night Dream. Here’s my take:

Image: thedreammusical.com

Image: thedreammusical.com

Unrequited Love

Yet marked I where the bolt of cupid fell;
it fell upon a little western flower,
before, milk white, now purple with love’s wounds

Midsummer’s Night Dream
Oberon, Act II, Scene I

As flowers turn toward sun, so I to love
that stirs my soul in unexpected ways.

You tease me so with promises not kept,
yet still I hope to share your life someday.

You come to me, then part without a word’
I listen in the darkness as I wait

to catch a glimpse of tenderness, of truth-
fullness to guide me safely to my fate.

In vain this simple flower starts to wilt
for lack of trust on which staunch love is built.