Adieu, Chere Amie–Poetic Bloomings, Day 6

Photo: David Slotto

Photo: David Slotto

Adieu, Ma Chère Amie
A Triolet for Viv

Summer is like a fragile bird—
her beauty fills our world with bliss,
her song surpasses spoken word.

Summer is like a fragile bird—
too soon she falls, no longer heard.
Her soul takes flight from this abyss.

Summer is like a fragile bird.
A poet falls, her presence missed.

I struggled with this poem that I’m linking to Poetic Bloomings Day 6. Both the form and the topic stretched me. We were asked to do a summer simile using the Triolet form. Yesterday morning, I learned of the loss of Viv Blake, a poet well-known to many of us, and well-loved by myself…both of us in our senior years and she lived in Normandy, whereas, years ago, I, in Brittany–next door neighbors, so to speak. The irony in this poem is that, if I remember correctly, Viv tossed out Triolets with ease. I never found that form or the Villanelle easy to write. Give me a Sestina any day!

God speed, lovely lady, and thank you for blessing my life.

Photo: Viv Blake, Blog Gravatar

Photo: Viv Blake, Blog Gravatar

On a whim, I’m adding Mr. Linky, in case anyone would like to add their tribute to Viv…poetry or prose.


Photo: pixabay foto gratis Labeled for non-commercail reuse

Photo: pixabay foto gratis
Labeled for noncommercial reuse

a quadrille (44 words, excluding title)

outside my second story window
breezes ruffle feathers
lining an empty
robin’s nest.

i saw her only once
and she saw me
perhaps she was afraid

but still, there sits the nest—
an empty reminder
of so many
empty dreams

sunlight backlights
hopeful branches

I’m hoping to join in as much as possible for daily prompts offered during July at Poetic Bloomings. The prompt for today is Summer Breezes. Of course, I’m late–but still looking forward to being a part of “An Entertaining Summer,” The theme of the monthly challenge. Because of the bi-weekly prompt at dVerse, I’m starting to think in quadrilles.