Thunderstorm in Kansas

Thunderstorm in Kansas (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This week I’m submitting a brief poem to Open Link Night because I just had my eyes dilated and can’t see diddly-squat. I will return to read and comment, most likely in the morning.


The jaundiced sky turned dark
then belched
after a flash of heartburn.

I’m also calling on you, my poet friends and support team, for your input on a title for my first volume of poetry. Could you take a moment and complete the following Poll? Your comments are welcome as well. Thank you so much.

By the way, the title choice will drive the poems I choose.

I Need Your Help!!! (A Non-Political Poll)

In my country, we are already getting phone calls that interrupt us at dinner, surveying our opinions on the presidential election that is still a year off. So in the ongoing spirit of insanity, I’m asking for your help with yet another poll…a simple one.

The good news is, my novel is due out in December. The bad news is, I’m having a hard time balancing some of the associated work such as website development, working out details with my publisher, marketing plans etc. with, blogging and with life. You know, important things like walking the dogs, doing the laundry, loving my family and, of course, golf. So, I’ve decided to combine Monday Morning Writing Prompt and Wordsmith Wednesday into one weekly event.

In order to facilitate it for you and increase participation, I’d appreciate your feedback on which day would work best for you. The plan is to post in the afternoon-evening of the first day mentioned for the next day (using the Pacific Time Zone).

Thank you so much for helping me with this. I will consider responses through 8:00 PM, PDT, on Tuesday, November 15, so that I can begin the new schedule next week.

Poll: Publishing Options

A couple of months ago my agent and I agreed to part ways. As a new agent, her interests were diverse although her history in publishing had been in the Christian market. Her intention (and mine) was to present my novel to secular publishers but over the months she has honed in on the publishing world where she had the most contacts and influence–the burgeoning Christian market.. Working with her was an encouraging experience and I learned a lot.

Now I return to the starting point with a novel formatted and ready to go, a novel that, over a year ago, an agent was excited to represent. I’m turning to you for insight as to my next step and so I’m posting my first-ever poll. If you have an opinion or have had experience, I value your input. Any additional information you might share in comments would be a welcome addition. Thanks, my friends.