Lauds–Poetic Bloomings, Day 2

The theme for Poetic Bloomings, Day 2, is smiles of a summer night. I trust that, though is was morning here when this came to mind, it was night somewhere. So, I turn the world upside down.

Photo: David Slotto

Photo: David Slotto


earth greets summer morning
sun with a smile
i fall into their embrace
kiss dappled shadows
dancing with the climbing rose

oriole sips nectar
you reach to take my hand
all the while buried
in the sports page

i sing heart-praise
sip coffee

Psalter Poetica–a Tribute to Poet David King

A song of praise, of poetry of King, David on the Lute



Praise to the poet who charges words with meaning,
who dallies with the sacred—touching life’s
moments that unfold the mysteries of earth.

Praise to the poet, co-creator,
cleaving the mundane, the ordinary,
reaping beauty from the microcosm, from the universe.

Praise to the poet birthing feelings,
pain and joy, bliss and fear and all the rest,
speaking on behalf of those now silenced.

Praise to the one who fashions poets,
fills them with a breath divine and just.
When they leave, the world’s a better place.

Written for fellow poet, David King, who passed from this life on October 4, 2013 in Surrey, England. I thank him for his many gifts to our poetry communities. If you are not familiar with his work, which runs the gamut between mirth and loss, check out his blog at 

Visit us at dVerse Poet;s Pub for more poems honoring David and friendship. The doors open at 3 PM EDT.

Dave King, RIP

Dave King, RIP

“L” is for Lauds and Loons

Yellow-billed Loon (Gavia adamsii), juvenile/f...

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Submitted to Leo’s Z to A Challenge:

“L ” is for Lauds and Loons

In a former life
I chanted Lauds
soon upon awakening:

morning prayer,
quiet time and
praise of the Creator.

Now I join my voice
to songs of birds,
early morning joy.

In winter dark
when hearts are cold
I go within,

remember how it was
when not so stark.
Listen to the call of loons.

Note: Lauds is the morning prayer chanted in Catholic monasteries and religious communities comprised for the most part of a varying selection of psalms.

You may enjoy a visit to this link to hear the “wail” of the loon.