Patience is NOT My Virtue–a Rant on Internet Providers for Monday Meanderings



I’ve been living in Internet Limbo–or maybe it’s more like Hell. Yes, that’s it. Hell. Each e-mail or post takes so long to open that, while it’s opening, I have time to put in a load of laundry or vacuum a room–not an exaggeration.

The reason behind that, I suspect, is that currently, I have to go through one Internet provider (Time Warner) to access my main provider (Charter). Of course, each one will blame the other for the problems.

Charter won’t even allow me to backspace in the body of an e-mail if I want to correct a spelling error. I’ve had numerous contacts…by e-mail and phone, kind, pleading, angry, to no available.

This preamble is my excuse if you find me painfully slow to respond to your comments or e-mails. It’s my excuse for not posting to my blog as often as usual and certainly contributed to my leave of absence from dVerse until May.

My e-mail on my blog site is slow, too, but more direct than Charter…so I may try to switch to that although I dread having to transfer e-mail contents. (

So, Time Warner and Charter, listen up. Customer Service is where you will find success. Of course, Time Warner, your lack thereof is already paying back by way of purchase by Comcast hovers in your future.

Pardon my rantings, but I’m learning that holding in anger is so unhealthy. And if I seem to be MIA, please understand.



Monday Morning Writing Prompt–a Rant

Yelling Man

Image by Orange Steeler via Flickr

Life brings its moments of joy and it often seems easy to write about those: romance, the beauty of a moment in nature, children, pets.

It seems those experiences are highlighted when contrasted with events that are filled with frustration. You only have to open a newspaper to understand what I’m talking about.

For today’s writing prompt, I’d like you to zero in on something that you find frustrating or even anger-provoking. Write an essay if you will, a short story in which someone vents his spleen, or try this poetic form known as a rant.

A rant is usually written in free verse and so may tempt even those of you with poetic-phobia to give it a try. The topic should be kept to one (preferably exasperating) subject and explored from all angles and in excruciating detail. The writing is usually in the present tense.

I hope you will participate and invite some newcomers to join in as well. Remember that you can write poetry, essay or a short story and there is no deadline. Please post a link to your work in the comment sections of this post.

Here is my effort. Although rhyming is not part of the rant form, this is how it happened. This needs editing, so your input and suggestions are welcome.

Love Song to TSA

A Rhyming Rant


“Now, take off your shoes, jacket and hat.”

I take a deep breath, prepare for a pat-

down—here, there, all around—

(love being touched by some arrogant clown)

Keepin’ us safe, invadin’ our space.

Can’t take much more. “Hey, open that case!”

Shoulda stayed home and read a good book.

“Back through the x-ray; I want a good look.”

Next time I travel I’ll fly in the nude.

Just makin’ it easy, not tryin’ to be lewd.