Alien Clouds

Sierra Wave - Lenticular Clouds

Sierra Wave – Lenticular Clouds (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This is an old, quirky little poem that I’m posting in response to the Chazinator’s (Charles Miller) prompt for dVerse Meeting the Bar. Inspired by the life and work of Ray Bradbury, who died this past week, we’re traveling to worlds unknown, dimensions beyond. 

Because I’m working fast and furiously to meet a deadline, my poetry the past few weeks is a bit lacking, but I thought this might be a fun. Nevada, where I live most of the year, is known for Area 51 and many stories of UFO sightings. It’s also known for this:

Alien Clouds

You can understand why
Nevada has its stories.
Lenticular clouds
hover in the East—
horizontal orbs
ready to scoop you up
and carry you to places