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An Acrostic


Try not to think of how you’ll feel tomorrow,
E’en God can’t know the wonder of this fruit.


My dear, don’t you remember words of warning?


Perhaps God’s trying to keep us from the truth.
Take this; come on. Just try a morsel.
A snake told me that we would be just fine.
The Tree of Life has nothing like this apple.
Indeed, it offers neither food nor wine.


Only a tiny bite, only this one time.
No one will ever know. HEY, this one’s mine!

The story of Adam and Eve expresses many truths that dog our human nature, not the least of which is our relationship with temptation. From my own experience, I find it so easy to rationalize choices that are not consistent with my higher good or the good of others. Given a bit a distance, however, when I can see the results of my decisions with clarity, I’m confronted with the reality of my egoism. Selfishness is at the heart of our problems. My definition of “original sin” is egoism. This is what impairs the perfection of creation.

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